Interspecies Intuitive and Animal Communicator

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough”

~ G. W. Carver

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Louisa Archer is an animal communicator, tracker and writer, mediating and advocating for wild and domestic animals around the world. She works to increase awareness of animal sentience, supporting the needs of wild animals in captivity, providing consultations for companion animals and their humans and advancing the legal rights and ‘personhood’ of nature by setting up dialogues with environmental agencies, charities and ethical law firms to give animals who need to speak out about the situation they find themselves in, a voice

Intuition is a real and powerful method of communication but it has to come with a right-brain, child-like approach; humility, a certain vulnerability and a definite sense of exploration. All people are able to enter into this ancient and indigenous way-of-being and communicate with animals (indeed with all other sentient beings) but due in part to our modern education systems, which teach us to use our heads to think (rather than our hearts), coupled with a society based on consumerism and face values, which teaches us to rarely look beyond ‘first appearances’, we have forgotten how to do it.

We all understand that being in the presence of an animal can change us; we slip more readily into the present moment and connect with our feelings more easily when we start to share their space with awareness and humility. Animals understand the world without need for words. We too, can learn how to tap into this level of understanding when we are in the presence of animals (our own pets or wild beings).

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magical paw prints; the tracks shown above were found in snow whilst out on the trail and show a fox print placed perfectly inside a dog print.


Do you know that there are people who can talk (and listen) to animals? They do not use body language or even the animal’s own speech patterns but utilise a direct transference of information between the animal, bird, fish, insect, reptile, etc. and themselves (and vice versa). This exchange takes place below the level of thinking and speaking on an energetic and dream-like, some would say quantum, level.

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This site has been set up to introduce you to the dynamic and subtle art of interspecies communication in order to rebalance the human-centric view of life on this planet, which many of us have unwittingly adopted. Whether it is wild animals or our own beloved pets, there are whole cultures in existence that we are only now starting to remember how to communicate with. Our present (and future) will certainly be richer if we take the time to reach out and dialogue with all of the animals who are waiting to connect deeply with us right now.

My belief is that everyone can access this deeper state of being, which allows us to connect and interact with everything around us in a magical, intuitive and empowering way. In this state we can access our greatest potential for good, resolve all of the challenges facing the world today and learn to live in complete harmony with ourselves and every other being on this planet; and animals can show us how.


  • Stag
    After our long hot summer which seemed to have lasted an eternity ~ a few months away from our confinement in the house, glued to the news, bored, convivial ~ the first cold snap of autumn descends into the valley and I go out to converse with the forest. This is never with an intention;Continue reading “Stag”
  • Beluga
    In Spring 2019, two female beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White, became residents of the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary in a ground-breaking marine and animal welfare project led by the Sea Life Trust in partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). Little Grey and Little White were caught from the wild in RussiaContinue reading “Beluga”
  • Breakthroughs
    It can often be a while before one can truly step out of one’s critical mind and accept that telepathy and animal communication is real. Some people find it easier than others. I have always had a very active analytical and thinking mind and it has taken me a long time to down regulate intoContinue reading “Breakthroughs”
  • Lizard
    I have been having an ongoing conversation with the next door neighbour’s cats. Since our dog passed over last year, the five half-feral cats have been making more than an appearance in our garden; they have become a permanent feature. I love cats – they are wise and have such a profound energy about themContinue reading “Lizard”

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