Our Wild Guides

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough.”

― G. W. Carver

magical pawprints

​I do not like to give myself labels but it is useful for you to have a map that gives some idea of what I stand for and where I come from. I am primarily an animist; everything I encounter and interact with is alive, has a soul and free will – that includes animals, plants, the weather, rivers, mountains and also everyday ‘inanimate objects’ like the kettle and the computer. I talk intuitively with all of these beings and they garner my greatest respect. I also have a direct experience of spirits, elementals and the guardians of place. I am an adherent of the Old Ways and an explorer of the Unseen World.

I believe that the human race has evolved around the basic tenet of natural connection with the Other – be that the animals, plants, ancestors or spirits of our environment – both seen and unseen; this is at the very heart of our culture and has survived from ancient roots through our wild DNA to today. This modern world with its rampant consumerism, separation and competition, glosses over our basic urge to have a relationship with all those things we cannot communicate with in an obvious way; we have forgotten how essential it is to our wellbeing and how innate this ability is for us all.

My desire is to bring back our connection with these wild guides in however way that chooses to manifest in the moment.

I am currently offering a communication service for humans and animals:

Learning what your companion is thinking, feeling and sensing is something we should not tackle lightly; animals are incredibly sensitive and intelligent beings and respond especially well to psychic communication. I am able to converse with your animal through stepping away from my left-brain activity, lowering my thinking levels completely and using the intelligence of my heart to search somatically for a connection to their energetic frequency. When this frequency has been found, I am able to collect the images, words, feelings and ‘knowing’ they send me through the cards themselves. The exchange of information and the energy alignment that takes place through the communication is often all that is needed for positive changes to take place with your companion because of the attention they receive, the listening that takes place and the raising of energy that results. It is as simple as that!


☞ I am able check in with your companion on many levels; physically, energetically and spiritually and find out about their alignment across these levels.

☞ I am able to ask any questions you may have for them about their behaviour or any other issues you are dealing with right now.

☞ I am able to find out about your companion’s past lives and their soul mission with you and your family and talk to any animals who are in spirit.

☞ Although I cannot diagnose medical problems, I am able to assess their physical body, stress levels and energy imbalances.

☞ This information comes to you through either a written or recorded transcript. This is for you to look over and take time to absorb before any further action is taken.

☞ I can provide intuitive hospice care advice for your companion, where it is possible to liaise with you week-by-week, day-by-day and hour-by-hour (by messenger) regarding pain levels, effective palliative interventions and transitioning readiness.

My fee is £60 per hour spent reading for you (minimum charge is half and hour). You can pay in your own currency. Please see here for a rough current currency conversion. The reading will come in the form of a written or recorded transcript.


“I contacted Louisa in a moment of utter helplessness around communication with my dog-friend who was displaying sudden and clear signs of unhappiness/depression. I have been aware of interspecies communication for some years now, and I sincerely believed we would never need a mediator. But it happened; as the symptoms of my dog were getting worse, I was less and less able to listen to her, so I reached out for Louisa’s help. Louisa’s presence with us was incredibly gentle and it is thanks to her gentleness that my dog and I were able to share openly and with trust. There was no judgment of either of us, which I deeply appreciate.

Louisa stated observations-facts and helped me listen to my dog’s feelings and needs – which are so linked with mine. So, both Louisa and my dog actually helped me see areas of my life that I needed to shed light on. I am grateful for Louisa’s fine-attuned sensitivity, patience and zero pressure or expectation with both of us. At the same time I was and am aware of Louisa’s Calm and her grounded Presence while mediating between us, which inspired me to keep my feet on the earth during what felt like quite a ride.

For the ones who need proof that such a communication is actually happening: my dog started eating, drinking, socializing and running practically immediately after our work together. She was not doing a single one of these things before. Thank you Louisa for bringing me back to earth to keep me discovering what a miraculous precious creature lives next to me – and the innocent wild animal in me. Thank you for our connection as two human beings.”

Katerina & Tara, Czech Republic, 2020.