Our Wild Guides

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough”

~ G. W. Carver

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Our Wild Guides

What if you could live in a world where you were so deeply entwined with the natural environment that the animals living there accepted you as a part of their life? 

What if you could encounter and experience these animals close up and personal so you could observe and interact with them as they carried on with their everyday lives? 

What if you could start to intuitively understand their conversations and were able to  receive messages from them directly? 

What if you could re-discover your own childhood passions, creativity, joy and fun through this connection?

What if this new way of being could bring you together with a community of people whom you could feel confident to celebrate your nature-connection stories with?

What would your world look like then?

Indigenous Knowledge …

did you know that the world ‘out there’ is alive and responsive and is at every moment ready to connect with you? In fact, animals, birds and even plants are all waiting to have a conversation with you right now; waiting to dialogue with you at a level you may not have ever realised is possible. 

I am an intuitive empath and wild guide and I help people to improve their awareness, connection, intuitive empathy, vision and creative inspiration with the natural world through online mentoring. I trained for many years as a tracker and bird language interpreter and learnt how to understand messages that are carried from one species to another on an intuitive, some would say quantum level. To some, this knowledge may feel rather strange but to an indigenous ‘scout’ or shaman, this would not sound far-fetched at all.

They would tell you that our modern education systems, industrial-based living, rampant consumerism, rejection of the sacred and daily lives spent mainly in conversation with only other humans and machines has caused a separation from nature and along with this, a Grand Forgetting. This has been disastrous for the environment and perhaps has caused irreversible damage to our fellow beings who share planet earth with us. The wisdom of indigenous people tells us that it is not too late however; that it is possible to live in harmony with all our wild brothers and sisters again by learning to listen with humility to what they have to tell us.

OUR WILD GUIDES is a twelve-module, self-paced online course and community formed around a series of nature-based routines and assignments outlined below:

🍄 MODULE 1: Introduction and Orientation – find out what intuitive nature awareness is and what it is not and become inspired and excited about the animals, birds and plants in your locale who will help you to re-connect.

🍄 MODULE 2: Overcoming Fears – you may have doubts about being out in nature but in this module we will explore some knowledge-busting myths and work on your own wilderness (and urban) challenges. 

🍄 MODULE 3: Approaching Nature – learn how to approach nature through some simple yet powerful exercises (including a device-detox and gratitude protocols), which you can go out and practice straight away.

🍄 MODULE 4: Core Routines – learn the core routines for excellent intuitive connection with the wild, which will improve your empathy, sharpen your concentration, lower your mind-chatter and get in touch with all your senses in powerful and effective ways.

🍄 MODULE 5: Journalling Practice – even if you have never kept a journal before, learn how to successfully set up and maintain a creative journalling habit that will help you record your daily nature observations and spark off avenues in which to explore your intuitive connections further.

🍄 MODULE 6: Connecting with Plants – take a deep dive into the vegetal world and learn how to nurture your intuition with plants and trees, receiving information from them about their medicinal and food properties.

🍄 MODULE 7: Connecting with Birds – here we concentrate on and open up the mysteries of bird language, how it can help us read our environment in great detail and also give us information about how grounded and connected we really are with everything around us.

🍄 MODULE 8: Connecting with Animals – in this module we concentrate on how to get closer to mammals, fish, insects and invertebrates. We learn how to allow these animals to relax in our presence and eventually approach us without fear.

🍄 MODULE 9: Storytelling and Community – learn about the benefits of storytelling within the Our Animal Guides online community, where you will be able to post photos, stories and videos for your fellow learners and get involved in the ongoing conversation about your experience in the wild.

🍄 MODULE 10: Inner Tracking – take a dive into the world of inner tracking through the practise of various somatic techniques that will open you up to a world of heart-centred intelligence, peace and healing.

🍄 MODULE 11: Interspecies Communication – an introduction to the nuts and bolts of intuitive conversation with animals, how to receive messages from wild beings and the ways we can interpret and assimilate these messages into our lives.

🍄 MODULE 12: Synchronicity and Dreams – learn how being out in nature moves you into the natural flow of life and exposes you to all kinds of signs and omens, synchronicities and premonitions. Also learn how to interpret the symbolic meanings of the animals who appear in your dreams.

🍄 BONUS (OPTIONAL) MODULE: Taking it out into the World – together, we will be discussing how the work we have done during this course can be disseminated out into the greater environment for the good of all beings struggling with human’s acute disconnect from nature – with options to share the work you will be inspired to do with the community.

This is not a Fairytale …

this course will help you begin to live in a world that more closely resembles the one I described in the opening paragraph. And believe me, this world DOES exist; the fact is we have succeeded in making it yet another facet of our Grand Forgetting. It is buried so deep inside our collective consciousnesses that we think this kind of thing only happens in fairytales. Using these core routines, assignments and storytelling as a foundation, we will go on to explore intuitive interspecies communication by connecting with the intelligence of our hearts, as I show you how to start communicating with the animals, birds and plants you encounter in your environment in true Snow-White style.

The Result?

Your life will begin to flow with greater ease, you will feel a deep bond to everything around you; not just in abstract terms but in a real, tangible and inspiring way and you will notice more synchronicities and meanings to all the encounters you will start to have on a regular basis out in your environment. Most importantly, you will also begin to heal from Nature Deficit Disorder, a malady that touches us all.

The Human Cost of Alienation from Nature …

did you know that our modern pharmacopeia recognises over 100,000 different diseases today, yet indigenous medicine-people and shamans from all over the world understand that there is only one disease and they describe it as ‘A Disconnection from Nature and the Nature of our own Wild Selves’?

Richard Louv in his ground-breaking book ‘Last Child in the Woods’ writes:

“Nature-deficit-disorder describes the human costs of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses. The disorder can be detected in individuals, families, and communities. A widening circle of researchers believes that the loss of natural habitat, or the disconnection from nature even when it is available, has enormous implications for human health and child development. They say the quality of exposure to nature affects our health at an almost cellular level.”

My Story …

I personally understand the impact NDD can have upon one’s life as I once lived as far away from the natural world as you can imagine – I worked as a textile designer in between London, Italy, New York and Hong Kong, travelling to factories in China to oversee the production of tens of thousands of metres of fabric for the international fashion trade. During this time I suffered from depression and panic attacks and had no sense of purpose or will to continue, even though I was being paid more than I had ever been before (or since) and had a top-notch life of luxury, expenses-paid international travel and designer goods.

After this – what I call my ‘lifetime low’- I gradually worked my way back to a more nature-orientated life, one that I remember having as a child, firstly by giving up my job and moving to the mountains of the French Alps, homeschooling my two daughters according to forest school/unschooling methodologies and then by intensively studying and ‘becoming a part of’ my locale through the disciplines of trailing, track & sign, bird language and nature awareness, in addition to studying somatic techniques such as focusing and meditation coupled with learning intuitive interspecies communication. I also spent a lot of time out in the woods! Much of what I have learnt over the last twenty years I bring to you, in one form or another, through this course.

A Safe Space …

we all had the capacity to connect deeply with animals when we were younger because we lived fully immersed in a world of imagination, right-brain sensing and heart-centred connection and it is this ignored (but not quite forgotten) ability that we will be working to rediscover during our time on this course together. Even if you do not see yourself as creative, imaginative or intuitive, I assure you that any adult can reforge their capacity to connect deeply with nature given a dedicated period of time in which to remember, a safe space in which to be held and the patience of a supportive community of people who truly believe in their abilities.

In this intimate community, you will have the chance to make friends and get to know everybody through regular group sessions, discussions and ‘lives’ where we will all be able to touch base with each other and share our assignment successes and wildlife stories in a safe and private learning environment.

“If an animal does something, we call it instinct; if we do the same thing for the same reason, we call it intelligence.” – Will Cuppy.

I crafted this course not just as a way to help you connect deeply with Nature but also to align you with a global network of people who are finding a new way to see, converse with and represent the animate world; a way that overrides the old mindset that animals, birds and plants are dumb mechanical automatons, mere instinctual beings who are unable to think, speak or act for themselves.

When you are at last sitting under a tree having a detailed intuitive conversation with a robin perched only an arm’s-length away (with a running commentary coming from the tree itself), you will not only understand intuitive interspecies communication in a theoretical sense but you will intimately and intuitively feel the magic of the connection deep within your bones and your heart – this will be the un-mistakable moment that everything slides into alignment in your life. You will at last, fall into a true and unbreakable bond with all your wild guides and the immense intelligence and wisdom of the world; once experienced, never again to be forgotten. I also believe this will give you the inspiration and unshakeable belief to go out and make a stand for the sentience of all beings on this planet with great commitment and passion.

My hope for Our Wild Guides is that we are able to learn from the animals themselves, infuse each other with excitement, curiosity and compassion and celebrate the myriad intelligent, sensitive and beautiful beings that make this world so rich and magical. They are waiting to celebrate with us too! Let’s work together to unlock their secrets, give them a voice and above all offer them our greatest love.

My self-paced, 12-module Our Wild Guides course and community will be available soon. To find out more, please subscribe to my monthly newsletter (which details my time spent out in the woods including insights into my own connection with the natural world) to be notified when the course goes live – with a chance to sign up at a discounted rate.

My name is Louisa and I am an Interspecies Empath and Wild Guide helping people to reconnect with nature, themselves and community. I offer online nature awareness mentoring through an Our Wild Guides Course and Community and also provide intuitive interspecies communications with wild animals in captivity. In addition, I am working to advance the legal rights and ‘personhood’ of nature by setting up dialogues with environmental agencies, charities and ethical law firms to give animals who need to speak out about the situation they find themselves in, a voice.

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