Interspecies Intuitive and Animal Communicator

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough”

~ G. W. Carver

magical pawprints

Did you know that your animal companion is waiting to connect with you at a level you may not have ever realised is possible; they are ready to share their joy at being alive with their greatest soul-companion ~ you. I have seen time and time again, how truly nourishing this intuitive sharing between animal and human (even during times of great trauma and stress) can be and how effectively and profoundly it can heal.

sylvia the tabby cat

I talk (and listen) to animals; I do not use body language or even the animal’s own speech but utilise a direct transference of information between an animal and a human (and vice versa). This exchange takes place below the level of thinking and speaking on an energetic, some would say quantum, level

It involves being absolutely present in order to lower distractions (such as habitual thinking) to the minimum, focusing on the animal – either in the flesh or through a photo – sending the intention to connect with them and then waiting to receive information back. This information may come in the form of feelings (or the felt-sense), words, images, smells, tastes, sounds, memories or knowingness and will arrive directly into my body. This information can then be passed on to the animal’s guardians either in written or spoken form.

This mode of communication is real and powerful but it has to come with a right-brain, child-like approach; humility, a certain vulnerability and a definite sense of exploration. All people are able to enter into this way-of-being and communicate with animals (indeed with all other sentient beings) but due in part to our modern education systems, which teach us to use our heads to think (rather than our hearts), coupled with a society based on consumerism and face values, which teaches us to rarely look beyond ‘first appearances’, we have forgotten how to do it.

But our animals have never forgotten; they know how to communicate from their heart, how to listen intently, how to act authentically and how to love unconditionally and they are able to guide us back into this way of being too.

Literally, the moment the human receives what their animal ‘knows’ and the moment the animal has at last, been truly understood, great healing takes place.

My name is Louisa and I help to strengthen the bond between humans and their companions through intuitive, dream and energy work providing individual consultations and more extensive Animal Mentor Guidance online.

louisa archer animal communicator
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