It can often be a while before one can truly step out of one’s critical mind and accept that telepathy and animal communication is real. Some people find it easier than others. I have always had a very active analytical and thinking mind and it has taken me a long time to down regulate into my right brain, primarily through the long term practice of meditation.

I had always had animals send me signs all through my life, however.

When my father was very ill, I was visited by a fox. This was very unusual for me, as I had rarely seen a fox in my garden before but that day a beautiful deep-red fox sat looking at my house for about twenty minutes and I knew that he had come to tell me something. That was the day in August 1998, when I heard that my father had fallen gravely ill. He was sent directly to hospital and twelve days later, he died. On the morning of his death another fox came to sit on my neighbour’s doorstep opposite my house and I sat and watched him for a long time before the phone rang – it was my mother telling me to come to the hospital straight away.

On the day of my father’s funeral, when we arrived back at my parent’s house, a small bird repeatedly came up to the window where my mother, sister and myself were sitting to tap-tap-tap again and again, as if he was asking to be let back into the house. Then, on the journey home from Yorkshire after delivering my father’s ashes to the graveyard where his mother and father were buried, driving along the motorway, I heard a thud under the car and was shaken to find out from the motorway patrol, who had stopped behind our car on the hard shoulder, that I had knocked down a fox who was attempting to cross the motorway (in broad daylight). The fox had damaged the car radiator in the collision.

I was distraught but the patrol man assured me that foxes who are ill or old sometimes will run out in front of cars to end their lives. I think he was trying to make me feel better.

Fast forward to Christmas 2005 and the night my daughter was born, the hospital was so hot and oppressive, I opened all the windows in our room and heard a chorus of foxes calling to each other across the valley. I knew that this was yet another sign in the amazing cycle of life and death, brought so often to my attention by the animals around me.

My daughter’s special animal has always been Fox.

You would think that all of this continued contact with the animal world would have been all the proof I’d needed that telepathy was real but when it came to relaying actual information that had been transmitted from an animal to their person at a level below thought, the stakes seemed a little higher.

Most communicators will go through a wall of doubt before they can move to the other side and into an unshakeable confidence and belief that telepathy is real. We need to time to shrug off the conditioning our education and modern societal paradigms have imposed on us. It can seem like a rollercoaster ride at times, with beautiful communications coming through and then frustrations and setbacks seeming to drag us back down again.

If we liken what we are doing to learning to fly, it is easier to understand that there will be stops and starts as we practice spreading our wings and finding the strength in our psychic muscles to take off into the beautiful clear sky of intuition above us.

Because of my spontaneous experiences with the wild animals that had come into my life to give me messages, I knew that, in order to make the encounters more predictable, it was just a case of trying to find the right wavelength to receive their messages on. I didn’t know how to find this wavelength, however but I started to talk to all of the animals around me all the time and little by little, I started to hear what they were saying to me.

The first breakthrough came when I was feeding my daughter’s guppy one morning and chatting to him idly when I heard the words ‘I will be gone in three days’. I thought that this was crazy – was the guppy talking to me? This lovely, lively, healthy fish? If so, how could it be true and where was he going to disappear to? I put the words out of my mind and carried on with my day. It was only when, three days later, I found him floating at the top of the aquarium, that I understood the words I had heard were indeed coming directly from him. I was astounded. The place he was going to was heaven.

This was my first breakthrough.

I lifted his little body out of the water and felt incredibly honoured to have spoken to him, I kept him close to me for a long time, looking at his limp form, not daring to bury him quite yet. He seemed so amazingly wise and I felt such gratitude that he had shared a little bit of himself with me. I communicated with him again in the time after he had passed over, asking him what he would like me to do and he told me that he wanted to be remembered by others so, I decided to write this post, in order to carry out his wishes and ensure that his memory carries on.

And then, I was looking after a friend’s dog called Autumn. I thought I would try and find out something about her that I did not already know. I had been learning a technique in my meditation class that used the heart to send love to another person. I decided to use it to contact Autumn. At first, nothing much happened but then, I started to feel a warmth inside my own heart and I realised that I was receiving ‘energy’ from Autumn and this was a ‘simple’ form of connection my heart understood. In that simple communication, I knew everything about Autumn in an instant but it was subconscious i.e. I could not quite articulate the impressions I was receiving. I had a sense of overwhelming love ~ all there was, was love ~ there was nothing else but love ~ and it was coming directly from her to me. This feeling left me incredibly moved. Just think, I had received information from a being other than myself directly into my heart. I had suddenly been opened up into the magic world of animal communication.

I was incredibly grateful to Autumn for being such an amazing teacher for me. She had shown me in a way only animals can; directly, truthfully and without doubt, what we all know and have known since the beginning of time: we can communicate with animals; we can tell each other what is in our hearts and what is in our minds and it is actually such a simple thing to do if we only allowed ourselves to do it.

The next breakthrough came when I attempted a communication with my first animal communication teacher’s dog. I was nervous because this was the first animal I had tried to ‘officially’ speak to. I didn’t know what to expect but I decided to keep it light and fun and try not think about what would come through from him. So, I just asked him to tell me what colour his food bowl was ~ he was not interested in telling me that however!

Instead, as with Autumn, I had an overwhelming sense of love in my heart centre, which made me feel as if he was taking care of me and that everything would be ok.

I didn’t really get any information after that, except that he liked the wooden floor where he lived and he would bark at the postman. This was verified afterwards by my teacher but I thought, hmm, a wooden floor, soooo many people have them and what dog doesn’t bark at the postman?

Funny how we try to talk ourselves out of our successes.

Next, I had a conversation with my teacher’s horse. This horse was called Taliesin, a beautiful black stallion and an ex-racehorse. I asked him to tell me something about his environment around him and he sent me an image of an old-fashioned windmill. My teacher told me that he indeed did live in a field overlooked by a wind turbine.

After the communication ended, I had to go and lie down. I had in no way envisaged that I would ACTUALLY be receiving such detailed information from a horse without using any words, guesswork or deduction. It was one thing to say that I had picked up on the feelings of animals but to have one actually share a part of their life with me in such detail, such UNUSUAL detail was mind blowing.

And boy, oh boy, I had wanted so very very much to have my mind blown!

It was not only detailed information transmitted directly to myself that was a breakthrough for me; during my time sitting outside in my garden watching the birds, I started to make connection with the next door neighbour’s cats. This was primarily to understand why they insisted on killing many of the animals that were existing quite peacefully in my garden. I asked the Head Cat, Sylvia, to tell me about her drive to kill. Coming from a human perspective, it seemed so cruel and so unnecessary. She didn’t have many words to say to me but she invited me to enter her body so that I could experience the feeling of killing an animal and why she was driven to do it.

All of a sudden, I was with her; she had invited me in instantaneously and I was a sleek, wild and beautiful cat roaming across the wilderness of the garden, in control of everything I surveyed. I heard a rustling underneath the hedge and I trained my attention fully on the movements under there. And then I was off in hot pursuit, every muscle in my body moving in complete tandem with the mouse. Everything was alive, everything real and everything was the ‘most essential’ that it could possibly be. No spare movements; nothing wasted ~ everything to be gained. I could sense the beauty in every muscle of my body stretching to its limit, working at full capacity, and doing what it was exquisitely designed to do; there was nothing wrong in the world right at that moment.

I caught the mouse with my sharp talons, pinned it to the ground and felt no remorse. I knew that this was the only way creatures could live and die in the perpetual wheel of Life on this Earth. Sylvia had shown me in the most direct way she could, why she killed and I understood. Beyond words.

So as you can see, it took a few attempts but the connections started to come through thick and fast and because I had had so many spontaneous experiences with wild animals in my formative years, my faith in my connection with other beings was never in much question. When it came to more formal conversation however, I needed a little bit of persuasion to get over the niggling doubt that was telling me telepathy was not real ~ residue of a life spent denying the magic of the world I am certain.

The fact is, I kept practising and practising; conversing with everything I came across, in as many different ways as I could and eventually, the ‘miraculous’ happened and I became able to talk with animals, received precious verification for the conversations I managed to have and was able to keep my faith that this could only get better and better as time went on.

And it did.