Sacred Revolution

Because of my work, I spend many hours with my feet off the ground connected into energies and emotions and I find it essential to come back down to earth often. This usually involves sitting out on the ground at a regular sit-spot and connecting in with the energies underneath me.

Recently, I was invited to make a connection with Mother Earth and receive any messages she wanted to tell me. Usually, when I sit on the ground, I do not receive any definite messages back, I move down into a slower pace and feel protected and peaceful, so this felt like a beautiful way to make the connection more of a conversation with the essence of Mother Earth Herself.

I had not planned to connect in with Her at a certain time or day but two nights ago I was writing a post and mentioned listening to the earth, not really concentrating on what that really meant, more intent on thinking about Silence as I wrote. By the end of the post however, I was in more of a meditative state than usual and I spontaneously started to feel things coming up through the Earth Herself. It wasn’t so much in the form of words but it was a feeling of overwhelming strength and within that strength, I knew everything was OK, everything had its place and time and that it was in the process of evolving ~ always in the process of evolving. I felt the world changing imperceptibly around me with a perception that was much bigger than we humans usually have but at the same time minuscule. My overwhelming feeling was that there was nothing to fear in a world of endless potential and possibilities.

This didn’t come to me in words; it was tectonic, slow and almost beyond my capacity to understand; it came in waves of feeling uprising from the earth’s core itself.

Afterwards, when I had resurfaced back into everyday consciousness, I went straight off to bed and started to think about the earth tremors we have here. I live in the highest mountain range in Europe and the rock here is always moving, the landscape is in a constant state of flux; you can see evidence of this in the folds and curves of the formations all around and I often dream of the valley breaking up and sliding away underneath me.

You feel the tremors mostly in bed at night. We sometimes don’t have any for a couple of years and then we may have four or five in a week. It averages about three a year, I would say.

As I was lying there, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be so crazy if after having this amazing conversation with Mother Earth, she could reply by trembling right now?’ I thought no more of it however, and drifted off to sleep; of course, there was no tremor. 

But …

at 8:28 yesterday morning there was one; Mother Earth had replied, the chance of coincidence so tiny as to be almost inconsequential.

Today, I had a chance to connect in with Her again during a group session with other communicators and I asked Her if She had a sent me a message through the tremor. She replied that although she is the Creator, she is also the Destroyer and that all was safe within the world because of Her. Even in this time of climate change, She would prevail. Waves of calm flooded over me and I felt such very deep emotion and love for Her, as I knew She did for me. I knew then that when I dreamed of the valley crumbling underneath my feet, She was showing me that She was only here to change things for the better even though it may seem catastrophic at the time. We are all One and no matter what form we take in this life, be it rock, river, human or animal, nothing can ever be static. Everything must change. Life is a cycle and we all return to Her eventually.

I understood that this is the real meaning behind Sacred Revolution and I know that this is now something I will never forget.