People ask me, “How can I improve my intuition?” and I have searched long and hard for an answer to this, believing it to be rather complex and convoluted but actually the truth is that there is one thing you can do right now that is really very simple but can be something people often find very challenging to go through with.

On the days that I myself manage to do this thing; I feel more sensitive and more aware of everything around me, in both the visible and hidden worlds and I am able to access the part of me that receives telepathic messages much easier.

Let me give you some background information; although we may not realise it, our imaginations play a very significant role in our intuition and I liken our imagination to a gate that we can open that allows us to walk through into the world of telepathy. Many people shy away from the idea of using our imaginations during intuitive work, as they say that it can make it harder to distinguish between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘made up’ by our own minds. Once you understand however, that our imaginations, just like our dreams, take place in exactly the same place as telepathy – in the quantum field, which is a real place (just beyond space and time), then you can see how they are linked and very often, our imaginations are only a whisker away (and indiscernible from) true telepathy.

Indigenous people traditionally made no distinction between The Dreamtime and the Imaginal World and science backs this up; when we visualise something deeply, our brainwaves change down a gear to move us towards the dreaming state. Suffice to say that our imaginations are closer to our intuition than we suspect and the reason why we tend to dismiss imagination as something we have ‘made up’ as opposed to ‘information that another being has sent us’ is because we very rarely are able to get verification for the information we receive/perceive.

Dr Marco Paret, an authority on mesmerism and fascination says:

“Alpha brain waves are present in deep relaxation or during light meditation or day dreaming. This is what we experience when we become absorbed in an interesting television show. The Alpha state is an optimal time to program the mind for success and it also heightens your imagination, visualization, memory, learning and concentration. The voice of Alpha is your intuition, it is the gateway to your subconscious mind and lies at the base of your conscious awareness.”

Notice also Dr. Paret says: “This is what we experience when we become absorbed in an interesting television show.” Something I want to explore further now with you and what I have discovered to be one of the most powerful ways you can increase your intuition within the course of a couple of days.

What is so important about this television show you may ask? Well, the fact is that, amazing and magical, absorbing and entertaining as that show maybe, it is putting images, ideas, sounds, feelings and emotions directly into our heads for us, without us having to do much more than staying tuned-in for the ride. The same can be said for youtube videos, facebook feeds, instagram posts and the like. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with any of these things, it is more the issue of how many we allow to go directly into our head during an average day (and when you sit down and look at it, you will realise that it is hundreds). We need these things to give us information, inform us of the news and entertain us yes, but an overload of any of these things can be deadly for our own intuition which needs time and space to work in its own way and at its own pace.

You see what I am getting at here of course. I believe that the one thing you can do right now to improve your intuition is to turn off your TV, computer, tablet and phone ~ not for good, not forever, but for now. Stop allowing external things to fill the place in your head where your imagination is meant to be residing.

If you spent at least half the time you normally spend online on using your own imagination, then your intuition will blossom in direct proportion to that time. This could be doing something as simple as cooking your own meal instead of using a recipe, telling yourself a story instead of reading or listening to someone else’s or going for a walk to a place you do not usually go.

If you do this today and tomorrow and the next day, you will find that your ability to remember your dreams will increase, those strange synchronicities; when you randomly think of someone for example and they call you minutes afterwards, will increase and along with this, your sense of wellbeing will also be magnified ten-fold, as you stop being drawn into people’s stories rather than your own.

As I mentioned before, this is a simple thing to understand but a much harder thing to actually do. After all, the media that surrounds us modern humans is addictive and can be a very hard habit to shake, but if you are deeply committed to becoming more intuitive, then you will understand where your priorities lie, which will make the task of detoxification all the more easier.

Let your imagination blossom again by ditching the screens and becoming involved in something creative, even if this means something as simple as a creative house-clean or a creative drive to work without distractions; give your head some space to breathe and receive, relax and create all by itself without any external help.

If you are prone to filling your head with creative worry and mind-chatter at times like these, then think of using a visualisation or meditation to help you create a little more space in your head.

Before phones, before TV, before electricity and before books, our imaginations entertained us; helped by the wind in the trees, stories told by firelight or the conversations we had with a river, an owl, a horse or a plant. We stayed in that state of childhood innocence and imagining for longer into our adult life and we listened to this imagination and believed in it more than we believed in politicians, advertisers, movie stars, you-tubers and chat-show hosts.

The world becomes alive again when we turn-off those other people’s voices and start to listen to our own voice instead.

If you find that you are daunted by the thought of hearing the sound of your own voice in your head (and this can be why many people chose to listen to other people’s voices all day long), let me know and I can send you some visualisations to help you release that mind-chatter into something more spacious and intuitive.

Once you allow that fear to relax a little, what you will find is that the voice you think is actually your own, starts to morph into the voice of the things around you whispering gently to you, inviting you to start a conversation with them. Believe me, they are talking to you constantly, it is just that our heads are too busy to notice.

It takes a certain level of courage and also vulnerability to start walking along this intuitive path; especially when social media, advertising and TV shows continue to call you from every possible nook and cranny. Be strong, and know that you do not have to give it all up completely. Choose which stories are valuable to you, control how they come into your awareness by turning off automatic notifications or choosing to opt into email newsletters instead and contact me if you need any more help, I will be only too pleased to assist you in coming back fully into your wonderfully powerful and insightful intuitive life.