Following the Circle of the Year

2021 sees me stepping out on the path for a new endeavour. I will be walking the circle of the seasons deep within the forest where I live.

During the last few weeks, I have been clearing space, taking time to sit and listen and asking myself what next year wants of me and how I can honour and serve it. It seemed only fitting that if I am to walk this circle, I must ask the year what it needs of me first. The answer has not yet been fully received but will make itself known as the year progresses. What I do know however, is that through the Wild Guidance of Nature, I will be stepping back into the heart of the forest and in the following year, I will be guiding anyone else who wants to come with me back into the land – their land; back to their wild selves, back into an intuitive, creative and connected life and back into an awareness of their authentic animal selves.

Through this work, I hope to re-address the balance of the unsettling times we find ourselves in right now; I want to move away from the relentless progress that seems to be increasingly on everyone lips and in everyone’s hearts – move away from this linear progression and back into the ’round’, after all, that is how we as human-animals have always moved; always returning back to the source through the turning of the day, of the seasons, of the year, of our life. My own return has come.

I know without doubt that I have already passed the half-way point of my life; my ‘moving out’ has now ceased and my ‘moving back’ home has begun; no need to strive outwards any more. I feel my vocation is now to serve and to share what I have learnt over the last 50 years, in whatever way I am shown. To some, this knowledge may not look like much but I know that it doesn’t have to; I follow my guides, they show me the way.

So, during these last few weeks of listening, I have moved back to my heart space and asked it what it wants from me. It told me that I am going to walk a circle of the year following my Truth and making this Truth real in the world and in my life. This will involve more listening, being humble and clearing a space for intuition and creativity to move to centre stage; it will involve a growing knowledge of my own Wildness and greater connection, devotion and love. I will be charting this next year around the wheel of perpetual return; starting at the quiet, invisible time of winter, opening to the fullness of summer and then moving back to the dark time again; an organic opening and closing, a cycle that breathes in and out in natural progression, back to the still point once more.

This is all so difficult to explain; what I know is that it will be a journey of faith. I have been very interested for many years in pilgrimage, in retreat, in prayer, in sacred movement, in silence, in devotion, in enclosure, in diminishment in order to expand and this is what I hope to achieve during the cycle. Above all, it will involve stillness and listening, both inwardly and outwardly in equal measure.

For one year I will follow this path and I will write on this blog once a week.

There seems to be so many things pulling us in so many directions nowadays; it is often hard to see which way to go. We may start on one course or workshop, only to be drawn in by another and then another, it is almost as if these things perpetually pull us towards a closure that we will never find.

Society has ‘consumeri$ed’ the spiritual search. This will always draws us onto seeking the next fix, spending money on courses and workshops we believe will make our life better, only to realise that a few years down the line we are still seeking the very same fix, wrapped up in a new guise.

What if there was some way that we could drop out of this consumerist lifestyle, what if we could have a year off, just one year, to put the seeking to one side and concentrate on ONE path, which we can follow in silence and reverence perhaps for the rest of our life? I hope to offer you just that. I am not saying that this is the only way, the best way or that you should never look at any other course ever again, I just want to offer you the space to drop out and re-group, to let yourself off the hook for a year (and maybe longer), with no need to struggle any more; to feel held, to feel safe and to be looked-after.

We will move back to Earth and back into our sensual awareness, there will no longer be any need to fill our headspace up with ‘what am I do to next?’ for we will be learning how to listen to the land, to trees rivers, animals, seasons, weather, rocks. They know, and we will be taking the time to stop and listen deeply enough to hear their wisdom.

This is all about simplification, about clearing our minds, detoxing ourselves of the need for MORE and allowing other essential and long-neglected things to move into our life instead.

The Truth is that there is no need to go anywhere but inside. I have pledged myself to do just that; I do not want to go anywhere but right here; this valley, this forest, to fall deeply under its spell. I will be an apprentice to the land, to the rivers and to the mountains. I have been told that I do not need anything else but this. It will be a sacred marriage. Whatever the land wants of me I will fulfil. This is the least I can do.

I am not a pushy person, I do not do sales funnels or sell premium products or money-off deals or special time-limited offers. That little spiel above makes me feel a little unsettled, like I am having to sell the idea of ‘not-selling’ to you. These are the lengths one must go to today just to get the message across, even if it is at-heart a message promoting anti-consumerism. It is almost as if we are unable to hear anything anymore unless it is packaged up and sold like a commodity. I hope you understand that I am not here to convince you of anything. I give myself wholeheartedly to you as I adopt a gentler way of being on this Earth in order to move back into alignment with all that is. I do not have a sales pitch.

This is not good writing; I am speaking from the heart, I am writing exactly what is flowing out from me right now and if it does not make sense then so be it. This I understand, is going to be a huge act of faith for all concerned but you know, I believe this is exactly what we need right now, whether we know it or not. Enter into the mystery of language with me, wait awhile and see what it reveals.

I know now that my life no longer means anything to me unless it has some element of sacredness to it. The time is right to step out from my burrow onto the path into the forest. See you there, starting next week.

Come with me on a journey around the circle of the year, I am walking the land detailing encounters out in the forest: animal tracking, bird language, nature awareness, hand-crafting and deeper musings on what it means to live authentically, in true connection and with sacred devotion to all life. My tracks will be recorded on my blog every week or can be sent to your inbox in a series of Full-Moon Missives when you sign up here.