Journeys, or the road less taken.


I am starting this little series of posts as I think about journeys. The moon is in Sagittarius right now, the 9th house, which concerns travel, higher education and other such things and today is also the last day that people here in France are able to go to cinemas, art galleries, museums and other tourist attractions without being vaccinated against Covid (access to bars and restaurants is going to be debated tomorrow afternoon). What a strange day to be starting a blog. I don’t really know where to go from here, which is rather appropriate considering we are in the journeying house right now and suddenly being hugely restricted as a nation.

I draw three cards from my smoothly dark Tarot de l’Etoile Cachée – the hidden one. Something I have been doing for a while now and something I want to continue to do for as long as I can. Stars are hidden during the day, yet my little ritual gives me three pinpoints of guidance to steer with with during the day until I can reach the darkness of night again.


I ask the question – what are the prospects for journeys in the next six months? And I ask it for all the people of France in particular. The image comes back of a woman sitting on a desolate throne, battle-scarred and bruised. Oh Liberty, what you have had to battle through to get to where you are today! Still flashing a bit of leg to get somebody’s attention I see, just in case we forget about you completely. You are sitting entrenched, there’s no movement and you are only seeing half the situation; even the opening to your heart seems empty and dark. More will become apparent as time goes by – but not before those crossed swords have started to drop. As seven turns to three, things eventually will ease and the barriers will lift. Do not expect it quite yet though, and expect another stab to the heart during this time, particularly through your screens. Another six months of entrenchment, of sitting and waiting, of drawn-out battle, of hindrance to fluidity and movement, of trying to bust all those newly drawn-up rules online.


The one who grips her sword of freedom so weakly, wafting in the smog of her own demise, seems like she does not have enough strength to keep it upright, let alone fight with it, as I plan to settle in for the long haul myself. This is a radical New World Order and we have to act accordingly. If the vaccine gives us the idea that we will have freedom of movement again within the next six months, we had all better think again. Journeys until then will be severely impeded, holidays cancelled. Even with the vaccination restrictions coming into force across France, there seems like no sweet and easy solution to the situation we all find ourselves in right now with no immediate redemption and that is what will sit so heavily on my mind today.

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