The Justification of Justice


The moon is still traversing Sagittarius coming to full and I see that my Lectio Divina today has taken me back to Camelia Elias’s book “What is Not’ and I find myself re-reading the Justice chapter.

I come back to this character in the trumps – the one who holds the balance – keenly and with great respect. Being a Libra, I guess this will always be the case. I have since childhood, always had a great sense of justice, rallied to play things fairly and ‘suffered’ under the weight of injustices I and others have (seemingly) had to bear. I feel the weight of the injustice France is being put under right now. I feel the weight of the injustice for the mouse that was trapped by the dog this morning on my walk and lay on the path stunned for many moments unable to move. Micro and macro; I tend to feel it all.


Camelia suggests we ask ourselves a question about our own personal justice and I found myself today asking: “What is my justification for doing this?” The ‘this’ being the way I live the life that I do – the fact I read the cards, talk to animals and question absolutely everything. I ask the cards for help.

It never phases me when Death turns up in a spread. He is a great leveller and always puts my life back into perspective again. I love his challenge and ‘all or nothing’ attitude. That’s the way I am, because when those Libran scales start to tip, there’s usually no stopping them. I like feeling the presence of death around me, that’s probably why I like to collect animal skulls and bones. Nothing like a good dose of memento mori to start the day with.


“What is my justification for doing this?” Because I am not afraid of cutting it all back down to nothing and starting again, because I am not concerned about losing it all, because I want to excavate down to the essentials in every situation, because I want to rest there believing that what I do is essential too. I am interested in the bare bones that lie at the foundation of things; the motivations, the quantum data, the mechanics, the inspirations, the grammar, the agency and the spark. Death shows me that today.

The Tower elaborates on this idea: by cutting down to the essentials, I desire to shake the world order of things. I need by default to destroy the accepted worldview and show people another way to be. The Sun tells me more … at the end of the day I long for harmony, I long to be immersed in the current of truth that underlies everything and I want to connect people to this truth, encourage them to use their our own self-reliance and intuition and just like the sun shines full and brilliant, remind them that we all have something to give to the world. All power to people, to animals, to plants, to touch and togetherness and connection. This is my Justice.


Has this reading turned into some kind of personal manifesto? It sounds rather grandiose to me because, at the end of the day, all I really want to do is be inspired by the wisdom of the world as it manifests in small, everyday things. The cards seem to think that this could never be big enough, the brilliance that shines through everything and everyone all the time, obvious to all those who know what to look for, and I think on balance, I have to agree.

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