Tarot as Metadata


When we immerse ourselves in the system of divination known as the Tarot, we get to learn after a while, that everything we need to know about the world and ourselves is found within it; all the answers, all the guidance, all the help we could ever need. We also start to realise that, because of this, we no longer need to strive for anything. I call it a ‘system’, yes, but after a while, you start to understand that it is much, much more than that; it is in fact, a completely new way of looking at the world.


A few months after I started working deeply with the Tarot, I remember that I began to see life very differently – I was training myself through the cards to see life as it was, without illusion or metaphor. That for me was a kind of wake-up call in itself. A short while afterwards, I found that I no longer needed to look for the ‘next thing’ I thought would come to liberate me from, well, who knows what – I knew that it was already right in front of me and always had been. Since that time, the striving has completely dropped away – I no longer look for the next thing and more importantly, I am out of the continual loop of searching and never quite finding what I think I am looking for.

When you can wake up in the morning and know that your guides are there right by your side, waiting to help you with anything, absolutely anything – you at last feel completely free; more importantly you have a way of becoming self-reliant and when you know that your guides are there to help anyone else who seeks answers to their problems too, you begin to fly free. And once I learned that ‘certain way of seeing’ needed to read the Tarot authentically, I was also able to apply that knowledge to the world around me and life opened up into a never-ending, exquisite symbology, which I could dive into and inhabit.


So, let me get this straight – when I mean ‘studying the Tarot’, I don’t mean learning the meanings for each card and regurgitating them back out by rote – I mean learning to look at how you look at the cards, like learning the metadata of the Tarot – each time with a mind like a tabula rasa: a completely clean state with no assumptions, no prior judgments and no pre-conceived ideas hovering around in the background to influence you. Eventually, through practice and repetition, you will learn to look at the whole of life in the same way, with everything within each moment fresh and new in front of you. You will slowly start to understand through paying attention to how you look at the Tarot, that every single thing in this cosmos can never be separated from anything else and from Fate itself (we too, are part of this Fate), just like every flower that blooms and fades away, every whale that lives out their life in the depths of the ocean and every galaxy that sparks and burns itself out. When you understand this, like really understand this in your gut – nothing much of any ‘consequence’ will matter any more.


I don’t know how to say anything more concrete than this. It could remain a huge mystery if you don’t try to decode it yourself but unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly how to do it. All I can say is: work with the cards every day, get inside them, forget their meanings, look at them afresh and watch yourself looking at them; as you do, try to find some method in the madness and slowly but surely, you will start looking at the world in the same way you start to look at the cards – differently. You will forget that you had an agenda, ambition or goals, you will forget that you had something else more urgent to do and you will start to slow down and sit down and really notice the world around you, as symbol of a deeper reality – as it actually is, in all its manifest mystery and glory. You will at last be in communicado with your guides and believe me, they are out there right now waiting to connect with you.

When the cards start to play tricks on you in the most delicious ways, read them some more. Learn the art of seeing what they are actually showing you and you’ll find that you behave differently with people; with your loved ones, with friends, even with enemies and you will start to appreciate the world for what it is. Nothing will quite seem to stick the way it used to. Learn the ‘system’ and let it take a hold of you so you become fully immersed. Surrender to it completely – ask the right questions and never give up being curious, you will not regret it.


Not sure of the right questions to ask? That is where all your hard work will start paying off and you will find the guidance revealed in the metadata of the Tarot invaluable.