Right Here, Right Now


Being consciously aware of the world I am in right now often causes me to ask myself if I am in the ‘right’ reality or not. Funny things happen to my mind like that; sometimes, I even wonder whether the dream state is more real than waking reality. This happens the more I question what I am seeing and feeling around me during the day and especially when I spend a lot of my day being aware of being aware.

Reading the confessions of Isobel Gowdie – the 17th Century Scottish woman accused of practising witchcraft – reminds me of someone experiencing a lucid dream state or shifting. I have noticed that even though nearly four-hundred years separate me from Isobel, I write down my dreams in a similar way to how her ‘reality’ was recorded back then – in a very stream-of-consciousness way. The fascinating thing is that, along with Isobel herself, everyone else who witnessed her confessions – the many highly educated lairds and ministers of the cloth present at Isobel’s trial – took her many waking realities to be real too.


One thing for sure, the Art of Seeing often means that we no longer are able take this reality we understand as waking life for granted; we start to understand that the world we inhabit as only one of potentially thousands of worlds all in existence alongside each other, every one of them accessible through our conscious or unconscious dreams, trances or visions. In addition to this, we are able to affect and influence these realities through intention and will-power (what others would term manifestation, alchemy or magic). People who have a heightened state of intuition are also able to access these other states easily, often without being aware of it.

It all starts with a conscious intention to pay complete attention to the world around us with our senses and once we take the time to move out of our thinking minds and experience what this reality right here, right now actually feels like, then we are on the way to knowing the truth about it.


When we were young, everything was new and astonishing: water pouring through a tap into a bath, sunlight glimmering through trees, people’s faces laughing and crying, the moon floating through the evening sky. As we grew older, all of these things became ‘normal’ – we no longer wonder at seemingly ordinary occurrences that once would have held us in thrall; we rarely stop to ask ourselves Why is the world is as it is? Looking around and really seeing can be a real eye opener, not just because of the crazy things humans do everyday but because of the fact that everything is right here, right now, just the way it is.

This investigation into seeing moves us one step closer to understanding how this world could very well be one of many realities in existence right now and it gets us closer to seeing how thin the veil is between all of them. When we look deeply into the here and now, exactly as it presents itself to us, we can also start to see how people like Isobel Gowdie and her interrogators back in 1662, understood the nature of these different realities and how they influenced each other. Very few people of that time doubted that faeries actually existed, very few people doubted that ghosts actually existed and very few people doubted that witches could actually ride on broomsticks to their sabbaths. What I have asked myself for a long time now is how can I get back to that way of seeing and believing, despite my thoroughly modern scientific conditioning.

I think I know a way ….