Divination for Dogs


Often, when I carry out an intuitive reading for an animal, I will use Tarot Cards to give me conversation starters. This just acts as a way to break the ice and give us something to talk about concerning a particular subject. Sometimes, the animal likes to do the reading for itself using the cards or likes to tell me more about what they see in front of them. Don’t think I am crazy y’all, this all takes place psychically of course …


Today, I read for a lovely little dog – a puppy of eight months old. Her guardian wanted to know what were her favourite activities. I showed her three cards and she started to talk. It turned out that she really loved the pineapple at the top of the Five of Cups and also, the intricacies of the design on the Five of Swords. She wasn’t at all sure what the snakes were, they turned up on both cards but she assured me that she was not frightened of much and wouldn’t be scared if she came across one of those creatures. I knew she was headstrong and loved action from the appearance of the third card – the Ace of Clubs. In summary, I understood that she loved to be involved in any kind of pleasurable, action-based activity that involved intricate manoeuvres for tasty rewards. And an element of danger would not phase her. Simple.

Going deeper into the reading, I found out that she was indeed headstrong and would sometimes ‘dance’ around so as to not have to obey her guardian – a very common thing for a puppy to do. Being given treats as a reward for doing specific tasks such as running, jumping, finding her way through obstacles, bringing back objects and sitting still were a perfect answer to this ‘waywardness’ – all her suggestions, of course. In other words, she wanted to be stimulated; something that the dazzling movement in the Five of Cups was showing us, as it stood next to the stock-still and forceful Ace.

Everything reflects back in the cards, if we know how to look.