Reality Check


This is a photo of my hand. I have a scar on the ball of my palm. Once, a long time ago, I slashed myself with a brand new bread knife and had six internal stitches and ten external stitches to close the cut up. It was a couple of millimetres away from my tendon and even now, I can feel the cut nerves tingling every-so-often. I haven’t spent too much time thinking about my scar over the years as it dwindled to almost nothing and is visible only in certain lights – more like a skin-pucker than anything but when I started to practice lucid dreaming, I realised I could use it as a reality check throughout the day to verify that I was awake.


The premise of this exercise is that in order to wake up in our dreams, we must get into the habit of asking ourself whether we are awake in our everyday life, hoping that if we do it enough, we will then internalise the question and start asking ourselves the same thing whilst we are dreaming, giving us an opening to move into lucidity. We can do this in a variety of ways but I realised one day, I could actually use my scar as the reality check and so I turned it into a very powerful practice that not only helped my dreaming but also helped to inform my sigil-making. In addition to looking at the scar on my hand over and over again and watching it to see whether it changed positions at all, I started to visualise it changing too and over the the next weeks and months it would change into all manner of things: sticks, snakes, sigils, etc. At that time, I wasn’t making sigils myself but when I started to see these strange shapes appearing on my hand, I would look into what they meant and found out that they were very similar to classic sigils, which in turn, inspired me to start making my own.


Aside from starting me off along the sigil-making path, my scar did help me to become more lucid in my dreams. Little by little, after visualising my palms again and again and consciously seeing the scar change into a variety of things, my dreams started to include incidents where my hands were becoming more and more visible. For instance, I would be giving someone a gift and I saw my hands larger than life or I would start to realise that I had more than ten fingers whilst playing the piano. Gradually, my hands were coming more and more into the frame and eventually, I would start to look at the palm of my hand whilst in the middle of the dream. In the end, I would be able to stop and look at the scar on my hand in order to give me the opening I needed to become lucid. Needless to say, when I looked down and saw the scar becoming a snake and jumping off my hand, I knew I was dreaming and could take the appropriate action.

The first step to getting into lucid dreaming is to start to record our dreams every morning. I will be writing about this soon, so stayed tuned.