Tarot for Horses


Yesterday, I read for a horse that had been unexpectedly bucking whilst his guardian was riding him, even though she’d felt an incredible bond with him during the four weeks that they had been together. I always start an animal communication with intuitive work and then draw three (or more) cards to look at the specific problem in hand in a more focused way. I will use the Art of Seeing to read the cards and move deeper back into my intuition if I need to. I trust the cards implicitly; they have never let me down.


I was given a huge jolt from Force even before I could really look at the adjacent cards. I had intuited at the beginning of the reading that the horse had suffered some trauma in the past and because he was 8 years old and the guardian had had him for only four weeks, I surmised that he must have had a previous owner. Looking at the position of the cards, I could then say with certainty that the trauma this horse had suffered was to do with being forced into something that he did not want to do by this previous owner. The IV of batons upheld this fact by telling me that a battle had often taken place between them. There was something more going on here than simple force and coercion, however. The broken column in the first card told me that this previous relationship had been ended abruptly and that the horse still loved the previous owner with some power, despite what they had done to him. The entwining and interconnecting pathways of V of coins showed me that the feeling of love was reciprocated but that the relationship was co-dependent; one of love based on coercion.

I saw that the horse was provoking his current guardian into a similar relationship, as this behaviour was the only thing he understood as ‘love’. I suggested to her that she stay connected to him as she rode but did not use force or coercion in any way, as this was one of the triggers that caused him to act in the same way he did in his old relationship. I also suggested that she use the impartial advice of a trainer when she worked with him, so that their relationship did not escalate into a mental and emotional struggle.


I wanted to read the IV of coins in further detail, as this card indicated a positive and fruitful outcome to the situation – especially in the position it fell – so, I wanted to find out how this was all going to pan out. In line with the horse’s characteristics that I had intuited earlier, I understood that he did not mean to buck his guardian, looking at this card however, I saw that he was in fact ingrained in a feedback loop and the pathways to his ‘fight or flight’ mechanisms had been programmed this way over a long period of time. I saw this in the connections between the coins, in the ‘network’ symbols and the continuous movement of the snakes. I told the guardian that the outcome would be positive if she used this feedback loop in a positive way and lit up all his ‘spots’ in a gentle and loving fashion to slowly erode the trauma of the force he had experienced.

The guardian told me that she had found out the horse had been used for cattle ranching, had been in several accidents during that time and that she believed the previous owner, whilst loving his horse, had scared him many times because of the situations he had forced him to cope with.