I want to write about elementals and explain what my impression of them are, as when I mention it to people, they can sometimes be confused. I see elementals as ‘energetics’ tied to a place, part of a place or even passing through a place – they may be associated with a single tree or a grove, certain rocks or streams; some people identify them as faeries. I see these elementals above all, as ‘spirits’ who protect, look out and work for the place’s highest good and well-being. Elementals can be entreated directly when working with a place and I believe they can be communicated with in tandem with the actual trees, rocks, rivers themselves.

I, myself, experience these elementals in many ways; I have heard them directly, through human(ish) voices (something I found startling at first), I have seen them – usually from the corner of my eye – sometimes as a moving shadow, half-animal, half-human, etc. I have also felt them nearby whilst in woods by waterfalls and rocks etc. I experience them in many forms: separate (and mobile) entities, attached to objects and places in a very diffuse way, as the essence of the woods themselves or strongly associated with particular trees or rocks. I do not always feel that they are welcoming, often they can feel pretty hostile and I have had a few ‘strange’ experiences with elementals, where they have moved me along or been downright scary. I feel that they do not ‘play along’ to any human agenda, they often make absolutely no allowances for my presence and are uncompromising in their approach towards me. 

I want to mention houseplants here, as I feel that every plant has their own elemental protecting and representing them, even those in pots. All plants love to be close to the ground and I find that taking my potted plants outside as much as I can, to let them feel themselves on the earth does wonders for their strength and constitution. I find the main issue with houseplants (and their elementals) is that they don’t want to be ignored, ever. They love to be talked to and told how beautiful they are and I also understand that some have a certain kind of rivalry going on between them. My main method of keeping them healthy is firstly to ask exactly where they want to be in the house – in full shade, by a sunny windowsill etc. secondly, to talk to them everyday and never ignore them when I walk into a room and thirdly, to give them little offerings every-so-often, to boost their self-esteem.

This is the main way I interact with all elementals around me – through little rituals; again it is about remembering and honouring them every day. I often give them an offering of ground maize or sometimes a bit of milk. I use crystals too sometimes. There are several places around our village that I experience as ‘power points’ where I feel the elementals the strongest, one in a nook in my garden, another by the waterfall at the end of the village where there is a small oratory to the Virgin Mary, another by the fountain where I get my drinking water from and one in the woods by some large rocks. When my daughters were small they used to climb up next to the waterfall looking for the faeries that lived there and leave little things out for them. If I cannot make it there physically every day, I go there in my imagination – I don’t think there is much difference between the real world and the imaginary, it is the intention that matters. I do think that the elementals of any place where one lives – even (and maybe especially) if it is an urban setting – should be approached and honoured as often as possible. 

We recently did some landscaping in our garden and I worked with the elementals there to find out how I could make the place more habitable for them and they told me that they would like more ‘niches’ and water features and that I should cleanse the area directly under some power cables that run through our property. We ended up, on their advice, making a sunken garden with a wall for our garden lizards and niches for the elementals (above is a photo of one of the niches we made) to put little candles and offerings in. 

We also made several gravel areas where water can run off the roof and make pools and I plan to add overhanging plants all along the walls for extra habitat creation because the elementals want to look after everything that is found within their environment: animals, plants, water, stones and earth alike. We would never have done this kind of work had I not consulted them (we had planned to make more of the garden into a flat lawn) but it is wonderful now we have so many nooks and crannies. The elementals also asked for fairy lights and so we ran some electrics to the fence and will hook up some little lights into our apple tree for them – it will make it more magical for us too!