Louisa Archer

I am an Animal Communicator, Death Passage Doula, Writer, Advocate and Animist, offering a range of communication services, which includes conversation, investigation and energy work with both domestic and wild animals. I specialise in intuitive death passage support with an emphasis on the natural transitioning process taking into account the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the animal during the last weeks, days and hours of their life here on the earthly plain. I also provide afterlife readings for those people who want to keep in touch with their beloved one after death.

My Ancestors

My bloodline reaches back through Lancashire factory weavers, descended from Scottish itinerant workers and a line of Yorkshire tenants turned shopkeepers, descended from the seafaring people of Scandinavia. My parents continued the migration south to Southampton where I was born and my husband and I continued the migration south to France where we raised our two daughters. Yet everything returns to its origin in the end.

Art and Intuition

My ‘other’ roots go back into both art and intuition and like DNA strands, they twine and creep throughout my life like a thread; first one then the other coming to the forefront. I was ostensibly an artist in my earlier life, an intuitive in my later (and yet even earlier) life and each discipline wove round the other until there was no distinction between the two. Art as Intuition and Intuition as Art.


I have been apprenticed to many, many things throughout my life: magic, animism, ritual, prayer, meditation, intuition, non-duality, death, mystic traditions, art and craft, poetry, story, ancient culture, the gift economy, unschooling, natural history, animal tracking, bird language, plant wisdom … I wrap myself in a blanket of research, learning and wonder coupled with devotion through service to others and create a sovereignty of sorts from head to heart to hands. I am a crafter and maker as well as a thinker; these dual strands forming a tapestry informed by the warp of mystery, manifesting as the weft of love.

I am truly grateful to all of my teachers: human, animal, spirit and otherwise for their generous gifts and for making me the person I am today. I feel incredibly privileged to be living the heart-centred and sacred life I do on this, our Mother Earth, and I look forward to walking this path together with you x


“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough.”