About Louisa

I guess it all started when my beloved dog Juno began to talk to me after she passed over. I saw visions of her regularly through a blur of deep mourning and realised that she was trying to tell me something.

Juno the Australian Shepherd

One night, about six weeks after she had died, she came and lay down next to me and I felt her heavy on the bed, just like she used to do when she was alive; all hot breath and long fur. She then told me that she was moving on to reincarnate into the body of a wolf to run deep in the forest with the pack but that her spirit would stay as she still had many lessons to teach me and that in fact, the whole reason for her living with me as a dog was to show me my life-path.

That was when I thought my journey into the world of animal communication had started but as I look back on my life now, I realise that intuition has never been too far away …

When I was 11 years old, I carried out my first ‘seance’ to contact my deceased rabbit Violet and would spend hours out in the garden talking to butterflies, beetles, trees and tadpoles. A fox had sat and looked at my house during the week before my father was taken to hospital in 1998 and a wolf had stood at the bottom of my bed the night before I gave birth to my first child in 2002. In 2017 a yarrow plant informed me that I had lived exactly half of my life.

I could have taken these incidences to be random and unrelated but I had always been suspicious that things were afoot in the otherworld and Juno went on to show me that animals (and other beings) had been trying to talk to me all my life and that this type of communication was a REAL THING.

druid oracle card nature altar

And this aligned so totally with my belief in druidry, the original animistic practice of the British Isles, which had been part of my life since 2015. Within this earth-based tradition, I had worked extensively with the elements, dreams, native animal and plant guides, divination and seership.

After I received this and other messages from Juno, I started to tentatively talk to any animal that would come near enough to listen: cats, lizards, fish and sheep and then, through the help of my mentors, I made animal communication a reality in my working life. Now, animals no longer need to be physically near for me to be able to talk to them and sometimes they don’t even need to be listening!

I am also in the process of opening communication channels with wild animals in sanctuaries and rehabilitation centres and my dream is to advance the legal rights and ‘personhood’ of nature by setting up dialogues with environmental agencies, charities and ethical law firms to give animals who need to speak out about the situation they find themselves in, a voice.

I now know beyond any doubts that my vocation and life-path is to help others learn how to connect intuitively with animals and I feel incredibly blessed to be living the heart-centred life I do.

Besides the animals, I would like to say a thank you to all the people who have helped me over the years: to my mentors: Patrick Jasper Lee, Kirsten Norrie, Susie Shiner and Joanne Yeoh, my husband and daughters who have had to put up with my strange ways for what seems like forever and to Oreo and Autumn who gave me the run-around during the photo opportunity above,