Wild DNA

​I do not like to give myself labels but it is useful for you to have a map that gives some idea of what I stand for and where I come from. I am primarily an animist; everything I encounter and interact with is alive, has a soul and free will – that includes animals, plants, the weather, rivers, mountains and also everyday ‘inanimate objects’ like the kettle and the computer. I talk intuitively with all of these beings and they garner my greatest respect. I also have a direct experience of spirits, elementals and the guardians of place. I am an adherent of the Old Ways and an explorer of the Unseen World.

Twenty years ago, I moved from the New Forest area in Southern England to the mountains of France, homeschooling my two daughters according to forest school/unschooling methodologies, intensively studying my locale through the disciplines of trailing, track & sign, bird language and nature awareness, in addition to learning intuitive interspecies communication. I have also – through my M.A. (R.C.A.) training in art & design – worked extensively with the history and application of symbol and glyph, in addition to studying nature writing, poetry, the tarot and other divination systems throughout my life.

I believe that the human race has evolved around the basic tenet of natural connection with the Other – be that the animals, plants, ancestors or spirits of our environment – both seen and unseen; this is at the very heart of our culture and has survived from ancient roots through our wild DNA to today. This modern world with its rampant consumerism, separation and competition, glosses over our basic urge to have a relationship with all those things we cannot communicate with in an obvious way; we have forgotten how essential it is to our wellbeing and how innate this ability is for us all.

My desire is to bring back our connection with these wild guides in however way that chooses to manifest in the moment; I currently offer an interspecies communication service, tarot readings, sigil-making and end-of-life vigil services. I also offer interspecies communication one-to-one mentoring. Please contact me for more information.

I am truly grateful to all of my teachers: human, animal, spirit and otherwise for their generous gifts and for making me the person I am today. I feel incredibly privileged to be living the heart-centred and sacred life I do on this, our Mother Earth x