What the Animals Have to Say

Hannah Carmel

I ask her about her meowing and she tells me her meowing is ‘journeying’ – travelling, restlessness; she can feel the movement of energy about the place, she is unable to find a solid connection to it. There is a clear and perfect power there but it is transparent with no fixed quality to it. She is sitting looking out of the window, she wants to journey ‘without journeying’ she wants to make a change ‘without changing’. The meowing is to do with the future.

She can go very deep into a playground of her imagination which is completely of her own making. There I see sweets, pink grass, roundabouts, bows on top of bed socks, candy floss, fun and laughter tinkling and lightness – she goes to that world regularly and can take you there too. She’s not so interested in the mundane side of her life, she tells me it is ordinary, she is rather more concerned with being internal. She is able to tread very lightly on everything she touches however; physically and metaphorically.

I ask her if we can visualise another companion coming to her. She asks me the reasons behind this and I explain to her that you are thinking of finding another companion in the form of a cat. She says, ‘Why the need for more? There is a strength and power in two becoming one, not three.’ She is not lonely, she has you. She says, ‘we are cat people’. She doesn’t want a complicated life. She has all the space she needs in both this world and the other, another cat would change that dynamic. Then she goes onto show me another cat who is earthy ‘to balance her’ – a large dark tabby cat. This cat is solid and is content to sit in his earthiness. He is a tomcat, definitely a male. This is the quality he will brings into the house (IF he comes – she says). He is charming and very easy-going, not a kitten but an older cat who has a snaggletooth and a bent ear but is extremely happy to be in the here and now despite the way he looks. He loves his food and he loves sleeping. She suggests that he could just ‘turn up’ if both your energies are that way aligned.

~ Hannah Carmel (on being asked about her meowing and if she would like a companion).

After a while, he starts to talk and says he sometimes feels lonely and sometimes feels misunderstood. He sometimes plays the fool to connect with people but underneath that he feels as if he wants to be taken more seriously. He says very quietly that perhaps he would like to have a serious conversation. He would like more knowledge about things. The others trivialise things a little. 

He is bashful and doesn’t want to come towards me but I tell him that I am really unfamiliar with an alpaca’s anatomy and so he comes to show me his feet and tail. He feels that he is a very sophisticated person and very private, although it may not seem so on the surface sometimes. It is not a case that he doesn’t trust people, it is just his character. He has a lot of things to share but he is also content to just ‘be’. He says that he is able to withdraw and meditate for long periods of time. 

I ask him if he would like to have a more serious chat with me and he says he is very interested in astronomy; the night sky. He loves the idea of infinity, like a philosopher. He would like to talk about the stars. I have a feeling that his time doesn’t quite sync with mine in order to look at the night sky together but I tell him I’ll see what I can do.

S’more (general communication).

He asked me to ask him a question and I said, “Are you happy right now?” to which he replied, “I think you already know the answer to that; I like the smells here, I like sweet hay, I like walking around. My skin is quite sensitive to the sun, my back aches a little sometimes. I like connecting and I like having fun. Sometimes I sleep with my head in the corner of the stable, sometimes I sleep out under the stars and I watch them.” I had the image then of apples and an orchard and Louis bending over close to a small child, nibbling on their ear and around their hairline in a very affectionate way, there was a thick rope going from Louis to this child and I saw him waiting impatiently, looking out across a field for them to come to see him. 

Then I asked him about any physical discomfort he may have. He showed me his restless legs, he was kicking a water trough and then kicking an inflatable ball around a field. He showed me his horseshoes by lifting them up to me, they were made of gold. Then he showed me a large crystal and a large rock. They were both next to his hooves on the ground. He was tossing his head up and he directed me to his left knee, which he showed me was a little ‘gritty’, he was trying to stretch it out and smooth out the muscle by moving his leg around. I told him that I would pass this information on.

~ Louis (on being asked about his health in his senior years).

He thinks humans are funny but he would like to hide himself away from them if he could. There are lots of comings and goings. He is very chatty. He comes straight up and is extremely curious about everything going on around him. He likes gossip. 

“I’m connecting with you to ask you a few questions about the future.” His ears prick up. He is always willing to listen, always alert. 

“I like to defend what is mine. I will defend any female that comes to live here from the outside. Things are always coming up that need my attention.” He is very conscientious. 

He is there with a few babies jumping on him and he is annoyed by this. He says again he would defend a female. “I would do my duty to love and protect her. We would retire together. She would have to be alert too. We would chat about lots of things. I want to chat about rabbit-things.”

He wants company but he doesn’t want life to be too hectic. He is very small but Lion-Hearted. I feel a surge of courage, honour and duty. He would rise to the challenge and ‘do his best’ if a female came to live with him. 

I ask him to send me an idea of what his ideal partner would look like and I see a sandy/biscuit-coloured rabbit of medium size. She smells sweet and she is ‘modern’, she is showing him new tastes and bringing him news and stories of the ‘outside’. This rabbit will under no circumstance boss him around. You have to pick very carefully. He is now chasing the sandy coloured rabbit all over his enclosure. Even if she is cowardly, he will still want to mate with her he says. He shows me an image of him and the rabbit running around indoors together and they are getting on with each other very well. He tells me that this is neutral ground, so that the new bunny does not feel scared and overwhelmed by the smell of his living quarters. 

~ Harley-Quinn (on being asked if he would like a female companion).

He was chosen straight from the litter, I see a very small puppy being held up from the rest and chosen for/by you, at only weeks old. Prosper feels like he was a pedigree in his standing. He liked to eat clean food, ‘real food’, he tells me – the same food as humans. He loved pasta and tomato sauce as a special treat. His food used to be wrapped in tin foil and kept in the fridge. He shows me an image of himself walking on a lead and he is very proud that he was able to walk so well. He liked the sunshine when it was in the back garden and when it was further away. He liked everything to be in its place and he liked slow mornings, breakfast with everyone together ‘holding hands’. He is part of a chain of dogs that is still continuing today. He liked chicken carcass. He says he was a very good boy. He delighted in rolling around. He shows me a see-saw in the garden and cats balancing on it. He thought that these cast were ‘ok’. They were not part of what he did during the day. He was with another dog in his home, he liked the other dogs. He feels that he was the Alpha Male in the family and even shows me an image of a wolf to illustrate me how ‘important’ he felt he was. He liked his own space but he did like to be with you and stay by you, especially in the evenings. He tells me he was good in the car and liked to travel. He was a very capable dog and he shows me tricks that he performed, almost as if he was in the circus. There was an obstacle course in the garden at one point. He was a natural performer. He wanted you to be proud of him and he feels that you definitely were (and still are). He is proud of his life, He shows me the image of the puppy again and tells me how beautiful he was at that age. I see areas of darkness in his stomach, quite heavy and sticky – he had a problem with his digestion at some point. He wasn’t very clear when I asked him about it. He shows me an image of himself sitting down because of his intestines. He then shows me his pink and healthy insides. Whatever it was he had, he was healed by natural methods, perhaps herbal or botanical. He lived his life to the full and was very content. His message for you is: “My paws will always be clicking over the wooden floors and up and down stairs to let you know that I am still here with you.” 

~ Prosper (in spirit).

“My energy is delicate yet powerful, I am clear-sighted,” I see lots of colours around her; a rainbow in the sunlight shining through a large crystal hanging in the window that she is sitting in front of. I see butterflies flitting all around her. “I am strong enough to support others,” (this support she prefers to take on her shoulders rather than her back). She is playing a game by herself, chasing pinpoints of light trying to catch them, totally absorbed in the moment. “I have a tiny amount of vertigo/dizziness when I roll over but it passes quickly.” She has a strong influence on those around her. She has had many lives before this one. She carries an ancient power and she is entwined very much with you and the place you are in now. She is very helpful and wants to connect with us all.

~ Toendra (on being asked about her personality).

She tells me about her young life before the age of four. She was born in the middle of the litter, not the alpha, not the runt but somewhere in the middle. She tells me her paw pads were extremely soft when she was born, they are rougher now and this is due to the amount of ‘travelling’ she has done (I believe she is speaking metaphorically here), she was sensitive to the energies around her and she was also a serious puppy. She was quick to learn and very steady with her training, Her guardians were very proud of the way she looked, they groomed her and fussed over her appearance a lot but they were young and rather inexperienced with looking after dogs. She grew up with this ‘young energy’ but it unsettled her, however. This original family may have had some issues and she shows me the male in the household, she is very precise about him; he had a big influence over the atmosphere of the household. He was possibly a shopkeeper, sold things on eBay etc. he was dealing with lots of transactions and there was a lot of ‘stuff’ all over their house. He had a misplaced energy; rough/domineering. His partner had a more stable energy and was grounded but they were unable to prevent him from being flighty and unpredictable. This energy has played an important part throughout Skyla’s life and she connects to a more feminine/sensitive energy because it grounds her. The dynamic between her original guardians shaped and moulded her into the dog she is today and continues to influence her. 

~ Skyla (on being asked about her early life before being adopted).

On this initial communication, it is rather difficult to connect with her, almost as if there is ‘static’ or crackling on the line, she is distanced from me. I feel that her presence is huge but only when I am aligned with her frequency; others may miss this because they may not be in tune with her. There are not many words coming through to me, it is more like I am a radar picking up her signals. The overall impression I get is one of incredible power and a magical status and there is a great sense of electricity, energy and magnetism almost like a flash of lightning coming through from her but I believe this remains hidden when she is in the human world unless one is sensitive enough to pick up on it. 

She comes up to the window when she wants to come into the house. This ‘looking inside’ is very important to her because her eyes can also look inside you. She says she can communicate with you though a ‘pink crystal’ – there is one in your house already. Through this, she is able to shift energy (of people and the environment). This work you do together will be important for both of you. She says that you can connect to the earth through her and ‘slow down’. Her message to you is ‘everything is already perfect’ and that she is inviting you to explore this idea with her.

She is independent, aloof and nonchalant. She is majestic and belongs to her own world, in which she comes alive in. This world is outside and is extremely important to her. She has a powerful presence with a somewhat Tiger-like spirit, her energy rises and she raises the energy of others (in good and bad ways). The inside of the house has an energy that she doesn’t connect with so well. She feels too enclosed within it. She works towards perfection (she tells me purr-fection). She suits herself and comes and goes as she pleases. She tells me she does not need anything from anyone but she does not mind being with humans. She is self-sufficient. She will sometimes eat the food you leave out for the cats but she prefers wild-caught food, it has more taste to it and the act of stalking, chasing, catching and killing is very important to her. It keeps her fit and aware. Again, I feel that this is a religious act for her. Like she is fulfilling an important role in her territory by hunting animals. 

~ Chouquette (open communication).

He prefers to be parallel with somebody alongside him when they are stroking and petting him rather than to face his head straight on, he has a sensitive face although he will move in towards people because he thinks that is what he ‘should’ do. He feels awkward being face-to-face with people. This is because he doesn’t know where he stands socially with them – he is happy and contented but there is a slight ‘distance’ he must observe. He tells me again he is happy to have affection but then doesn’t know exactly how to deal with it and he does not like people coming into close especially to his head area, and being alongside him is what he prefers.

Are you a wild goat? No, he sees himself as domesticated and he is happy with that. I see layers of things around him: plastic coverings, like rain jackets, buckets, water in buckets, he is standing in the rain dripping. He will stand outside and get wet so he can feel sorry for himself. Why is this? “Then someone will notice me” he says. I see a haze of flies in summer and some kind of white powder, like flour, moving around him.

I ask him about his past and I immediately see a man with his arm in a sling. There are other people standing around him. He was on his own for a long time and journeying, and eating from the roadside (and a roundabout). He shows me a letter or contract and a stable with hosepipes on the floor and other animals watching him. The letter or contract is to do with castration and an ‘arranged marriage’, definitely something that was being arranged for him. Now I see him walking and leaving; escaping and then just standing in the rain for a long time.

~ Harry (on being asked about his head-butting and early life before coming to his present guardians).