Apprentice to Air

A Prayer on the Wind

Having rested ourselves deep inside the earth and then immersed ourselves in the ocean, we are now going to move upwards into the element of air. Here is where we can lift-off out of ourselves, rise up on thermals high into the sky and soar for hours and hours on winds that take us across distant continents. Although air is invisible, it holds a power that is far-sighted and omnipresent and here is where we are going to develop our clairvoyance further; stretch our ability to see the whole picture and grasp the overview of any situation. 

To enter the air is to enter another realm; here we are going to become completely proficient at flying. Whether you see this flight as moving back into your power, being lifted up on the wings of a prayer or just to clear your head, a transformation will definitely be taking place, which may not be apparent immediately. We will be journeying to the mountain top, where people from far-off lands have traditionally placed prayer flags at the highest points, in order for gusts to send their intentions out into the realm of all possibility. This visualisation will be carried out as prayer, where we will have the opportunity to wish upon the wind and throw our deepest desires out into the sky. 

This is a chance to move fully back into our bodies and use our heads, not as a place where random and meandering thoughts pass through but as a focus for our ‘vision’ to become laser-sharp. We will be opening up our third eye and inviting a view of the world into our scope which is far-seeing, all-knowing and swift-moving. 

Air is of course, the realm of birds and here we will be flying with Hawk; hovering, diving, swooping and surveying the land beneath us. We will move back fully into our hawk-eyed vision and will be making connections with seemingly random sights we will observe taking place over the land, receiving flashes of insight about the slow accumulations of thunderclouds over the horizon, rivers as they change their course through rock formations over millennia, the growth of rainforests and the slow march of industrialisation; we will witness it all. 

Our flight will bridge the gap between seeing with our outward vision and our inward sight. We will move into our third eye and to the place of deep seeing ~ the pineal gland. This is a specific body part that transmits and receives information beyond the five senses, giving us another, inner lens in which we can explore the world. Our third eye allows us to feel the interconnectedness of all life.

The pineal gland is situated inside our brains towards the back of our heads. We can access it through the roof of the soft palette in our mouths; you will feel where this place is by concentrating on your breath as it moves deep into your nasal cavity, upwards and backwards into your headspace towards your occiput, which is the protrusion found to thirds of the way up the back of your skull. The initial meditation will concentrate on this space. I will guide you there. 

Air holds within it the invitation for far-sightedness; it is a door to higher dimensions, a place where we can truly step into our Knowing in both the outer and inner realms. So, allow yourself to take off from the highest point of the mountain and let yourself be taken up on thermals to where the gods themselves abide.

Air Visualisation

“Air” from Our Wild Guides by Louisa Archer

Lifting off

The journey starts as we are walking on the high plateau of a mountaintop. It is mid-day and the height of summer, the sun beats down on your skin and the wind is blowing through your hair. It is from here that we are going to take flight. Take your time to gather your courage and take a deep breath as we move up into the upper world with our animal guides …

Take some time to find a comfortable place and feel safe in your environment, so that you will not be disturbed or interrupted by anyone or anything. Close your eyes and become aware of the earth under your feet. She is always there for you whenever you need her. Feel the way she supports you and never lets you down. 

Slowly relax into your body and be aware of its aliveness, its presence and its connection to all of life. Really feel every pore and every cell in your body vibrating with its own energy and the energy of all of life around you. Take some time with this, there is no need to rush. 

Slowly start to move beyond your body into your surroundings by stretching out your mind’s eye like fingers into the environment, feeling into the space around you. 

You find yourself walking across a large mountain plateau in the height of a summer’s day. The air is very warm and the hot wind is blowing against your skin and in your hair. There are rocks and bushes around and you see prayer flags flapping in front of you, tied to a large rock formation on the very top of the peak. They move with the changing wind and many of them are tattered from the wind’s continual buffering. Red, yellow, blue and white, they flap and flap and you can hear the wind moving through them. Stand in front of the flags and take your time to send out a particular wish, intention or prayer you know the winds will effortlessly carry to the four corners of the world for you.  

The place looks barren and deserted yet you turn to see a mountain goat jumping from behind a far-off rock face. Nimble and quick, he jumps from crag to crag with power and agility. Watch him disappear into the distance. You feel the aliveness of everything around you, even the rocks vibrate with life. 

As you look around you notice some rough steps that have been hewn into the large prayer rock in front of you and move slowly towards them, greet them and thank them for showing you your way forward this hot summer’s day. Take your time to move towards the steps and as you do you, see them coming towards you. Take one step after the other upwards to the top of the rock. Feel yourself getting higher and higher as you reach the top. You are able to stand on the rock with balance and poise and take some time to feel this balance within your body.

Look up into the air, you see how blue it is, how it goes on forever, you smell the promise of far-off lands, sense something in the air, far away yet near enough to perceive. You spot a small dark streamlined shape in the distance coming towards you. Gather your reserves of courage and get ready to lift off to go and meet this shape. Move slowly and step to the edge of the rock, one foot in front of the other, keep moving until you reach the edge of the rock and look over it. You are safe, the wind will catch you as you jump. Take one deep breath, surrender and jump over the edge. You do not fall, you move with the wind and push up into the current. Feel the wind whistling around you, feel yourself buoyant, stretch your hands and legs out and glide upwards. You feel completely free, on top of the world, able to move in any direction you please, the wind ruffling your hair and moving through your outstretched fingers. Your arms and legs are strong and you are totally balanced against the wind. Breathe deeply and relax, the wind will take you where you need to go. Look down and realise you are very high up. 

The shape is much closer to you now, and you see that it is a Hawk dive-bombing through the air towards you. See him coming closer and closer until he is flying beside you. You see the feathers on his wings, magnificent, strong, only slightly ruffled in the air, holding his body aloft in perfection, you see his large eyes darting over the landscape below and his head swivelling around to catch any movement. You feel his nobility and far-sightedness, his dominion over the element of air and this feeling ripples throughout your body. You are so proud to be flying with him. Take your time to swivel your head and look down at everything underneath you just as he is doing; forests, rivers, mountain ranges, oceans, deserts, cities that are tiny in comparison to the land around them. You see everything, you know everything, flying in formation with Hawk. He is guiding you across the land, you see the curve of the earth itself and know that even though you cannot be separated from gravity completely, you are able to defy it for hours on end. 

Relax into your body again and soar, the sun on your back, wind in your face. You do not know how many miles you are covering, but you know that Hawk is guiding you and the wind is holding you and this is the time for you to use your far-sightedness and intuition to see. Your sight is so powerful that you can see the movements of animals far underneath you; packs of wolves running in the forest, herds of elephants moving across the savannahs, polar bears roaming across ice flows, pods of whales cresting the waves in the ocean, you can see tree frogs on leaves in the rainforest and snakes rippling across desert sands, you can see crystals inside caves, fish in their rivers and groups of people as they busy themselves with their lives; in the cities, in the countryside, in houses, offices, shops, on farms and in factories, at home, in bed. You see all these things and know them intimately; you understand the tides and the cycles of the seasons, you see oncoming weather fronts, thunderstorms and far-off hurricanes, you perceive the movement of glaciers, you see the world when it was half-formed, you see the slow tectonics of the mountains themselves.

Other birds may come and fly alongside you for a while, large or small, day or night-flying, from anywhere in the world, curious and interested to know why you are up here. This is your time to talk to them if you wish … 


When you are ready to return, indicate this to Hawk who is still flying by your side. He turns you around and guides you back to the rock, where you are able to land safely. Feel your two feet stable and strong on the rock underneath you. As you touch down, stand there for a moment or two and feel what it is like to be back on the ground, to have solidity under you feet, to be held by the earth. 

Feel the wind on you again and realise that it has died down somewhat, and you notice that the sun is setting. You are warm and happy, you have seen amazing things. You can fly. The mountain goat is starting to settle down for the night, in a sheltered cove not far off and the hawk has flown off to find a perch for the night. 

You feel stronger, more expansive and have a new perspective on everything you see and feel around you. Lie on the rock and feel its solidity underneath you. Watch the sun going down, feel the heat rising from it into your body and feel gratitude at being alive in this amazing world you have just been witness to. Turn all the things you have just seen over in your mind and smile. Relax. You know you will take the experience you had in the air forward into your everyday life and never forget that it is always there to welcome you back again when you need to explore further. 

Say thank you to the Hawk for guiding you and to everything you saw whilst you flew, knowing that you will be back again soon. 

Upon your Return 

Drink and eat a little, walk outside or do something involving your hands; washing up, writing in your journal etc. 

You can return to this meditation again and again; coming back here when you need to feel more intuition in you life, need a larger overview of a situation or if you want to send prayers and wishes, dreams and intentions out into the ether, to be taken up and spread to the four corners of the earth by the wind. Use it when you feel bogged down by routine or when you need to feel more balanced in your everyday life. The Hawk will guide you up from the rock into the air and fly with you in formation for as long as it takes, until you are ready to return to your landing place, strong and swift, balanced and far-seeing, in tune and with a better perspective to things. 

© Louisa Archer 2020

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