Apprentice to Fire

Searing Presence and Emblazoned Love

Having rested ourselves deep inside the Earth, then immersed ourselves in the Sea and moved upwards into the Air, we are now going to enter the realm of Fire. Here is where we can give ourselves up to the heat and flames and to the transformation that fire affords us. Although fire reduces most everything it touches to ashes, we are going to use this opportunity to be melted down into our mercurial and elemental components, to be built up again into a new being. 

To enter the fire is to enter another world; here we are going to become completely transformed. Whether you see this transformation as breaking down old habits and ways of being or as a chance to move into something completely new; a new body, a new phase of life, a new attitude, a new way of living, let yourself be moulded into whatever Spirit wants you to be moulded into.

We will be journeying to the outskirts of a village, to a forge where blacksmiths have finished working for the night. The fires are still hot and the time is ripe for renewal and transformation. This visualisation will be carried out as a dance, as movement sets in motion all those intentions we have been keeping in our minds. This is the true alchemy; we move in the direction we see ourselves going, we dance into existence our greatest desires and dreams for the future of ourselves and the world. 

This is a chance to witness our cells, molecules and DNA meld together, from where we can reassemble into the person we want to become. We will reform our physical, emotional, spiritual bodies to the blueprint that our energy bodies have held since the beginning of time, an alignment matched in perfection in order to move forward according to our greatest good and best intentions.

Fire is of course, the realm of fantastical beings and here is where we are going to meet our power dragon, one who has been waiting for a very long time to initiate us into the alchemical world of transformation. Dragons live between the worlds, in a place that is never fixed, they are able to move in between the elements, adapting themselves to Air, to Earth, to Water or Fire as needed. The dragon is ready to lead you into the flames.  

Fire holds the promise of reformation; everything we were, every limiting belief we held, every conditioned behaviour we were taught, every past action we made, has the potential to melt away and be remoulded into something new within the depths of the flames, nothing has the power to withstand the intense heat, apart from our determination to change for the better. Dragon will guide us there as she dives through the caverns of fire taking us to the heart of the volcano’s core. Here you will find fiery passion, true courage, emblazoned love, daring movement, searing presence and a letting go of past traumas and pain. So, allow yourself be taken deep into the sea of flames, down to the heart of alchemy itself, where great transformation is waiting for you.

Fire Visualisation

“Fire” from Our Wild Guides by Louisa Archer

To the Forge

The journey starts as we are walking away from a small village situated in the woods. It is an autumn evening, the sun is setting as you walk down into a dell where a forge is situated. It is here that you are going to enter the realm of fire. Take your time to gather your courage and take a deep breath as we walk towards the realm of transformation with our animal guide …

Take some time to find a comfortable place and feel safe in your environment, so that you will not be disturbed or interrupted by anyone or anything. Close your eyes and become aware of the earth under your feet. She is always there for you whenever you need her. Feel the way she supports you and never lets you down. 

Slowly relax into your body and be aware of its aliveness, its presence and its connection to all of life. Really feel every pore and every cell in your body vibrating with its own energy and the energy of all of life around you. Take some time with this, there is no need to rush. 

Slowly start to move beyond your body into your surroundings by stretching out your mind’s eye like fingers into the environment, feeling into the space around you. 

You find yourself walking away from a small village, out into the woods. The sun is setting on the horizon, blazing golden-orange in the light, it touches your skin with mellow warmth and see all around you the autumn trees radiant with gold, red, orange and yellow in all their autumn splendour. You see leaves are gently falling to the forest floor all around you. At the end of the path you are walking is a dell, at the bottom of this dell you see a small round hut, you walk towards it. Take your time to make your way down into the dell, walking steadily and slowly down the hill.

The birds are singing their dusk chorus; a blackbird is sitting on a high branch carolling his evening sojourn, it is melancholic and beautiful and reminds you of all the times you have been in the woods in the past and heard birds singing in the trees. Just as the blackbird song dies away, from the other side of the dell, you hear an owl start to hoot, answered my his mate, who is sitting in the same tree. Stop and listen to their calls and know that you are standing on exactly the moment when day turns to night.

Keep walking on towards the hut down the steep and winding path, thank it for showing you the way, step one foot in front of the other steadily and safely and as you do, see the hut coming closer towards you. Outside, you see wood stacked neatly all around the door of the hut, there is a well nearby and the ground is smooth and well-worn as if many feet have been walking back and forward over it, you sense that this is a place of great activity, of hard work and of accomplishment.

Come up to the door of the hut, which is standing ajar and push it open, it is dark inside but there is a glow from a large forge situated in the middle of the hut’s interior, it casts its light over everything inside and as you stand there you look around. You see blacksmith’s anvils and bellows and along the walls are iron implements of all different shapes and sizes, you know that men have been working here only a short time before, you can sense the activity and the busyness that has been taken place as you see their aprons and gauntlets lying on benches along with lines of boots tucked underneath, It seems that the forgers have left them only minutes before. On one side of the hut is a stack of glinting objects: swords, shields, crowns, amulets, armour and many other things that you do not know the names of. Take your time to feel the presence of these objects, feel their energy, their preciousness, the time and effort that has gone into making them and the incredible heat that it must have taken to literally meld the raw metal into items of such beauty and power.

Feel this sense of beauty and power surging through your body. You know that you too must now be melded into something new. After you have feasted your eyes on everything in the room, turn towards the forge. It is made of brick and there is a small hole at the front, in which you spy the glowing embers of the day’s fire, walk towards it and feel its heat on your face, expanding its glow to you as you move closer. You feel lit up by its power. You are going to enter inside this forge.

As you stand and contemplate how you are going to do this, stare into the embers, you see all kinds of shapes and patterns within the glowing rocks, it looks like a whole landscape in miniature with caverns and valleys, sheer cliffs and deep bottomless holes. Is is fascinating and you become totally caught up in it, as if there was nothing else in the world apart from this fiery landscape in front of you. As you stare, you make out a movement within the embers and you catch sight of something coming towards you out of the fire, it is hard to make out but as it moves towards you, you see it is a dragon. Closer and closer it comes, getting bigger and bigger until it is standing right in front of you.

This dragon is here to help you enter the fire. Take a look at her now. She is very big, reaching up into the roof of the hut, bending her head down to look at you. Her eyes are huge, her teeth are long, you reach out your hand and feel her scales, which are warm to the touch, her wings are folded against her back and smoke is billowing from her nostrils. Say hello to the dragon and wait for her to speak to you. She is smiling, You know exactly what she is going to say.

The dragon leans in and you place a foot on her crooked leg and hoist yourself on her back. Settle in, holding onto the long streamers that are sprouting from the back of her neck and get ready to dive into the fire. Take a deep breath and when you re ready, press your legs into the dragon’s flanks, this will show her that you are ready. Relax into your seat on her back.

All at once the dragon takes a jump and you move through the forge’s opening into the interior. You seem to be getting smaller as you pass through the hole and fly straight into the heart of this strange country. The dragon is in free-fall but you are confident that she knows the way and suddenly you are swooping through the fiery landscape with cliffs and caverns all around you. You feel intense heat allover your body. The Dragon weaves in and out of these canyons and deeper and deeper into them. Then you come to rest on a plateau above a sea of lava with flames licking all around the edge, spurting up every-so-often above your head. Do not be frightened. The dragon is guiding you; she tells you that you are going to be diving into the lava pool and this is where your transformation will take place. You will leave your physical body and will be broken down into elemental components: cells, molecules, DNA, pieces of quantum matter and you will then have a chance to dance your future self into being. The Dragon will be with you at every moment, dancing with you, breaking down and transforming, just as you will be doing.

You nod in agreement, you have understood everything that the dragon has just explained to you and when you are ready, squeeze your legs against her flanks again. This time you will be diving directly into the lava and as you fall, your body will start to break down. When you no longer feel yourself as a person but instead as elemental, it will be time to dance yourself back into being.

So you can at this point physically dance or you may dance in your mind’s eye.

At the squeeze of your thighs off you go. Plunge down and down into the flames, stripping away everything you know as your self as you do so: your skin, your muscles, your fascia, your organs, your blood, your bones, all stripping away, your mind and all the burdens of your previous life are leaving now. You feel the dragon stripping away her self too. Soon, falling, falling, you being to meld and mix with her, you are not sure which molecule belongs to you and which belongs to her. It doesn’t matter, just keep moving, keep flowing, keep dancing, keep mixing, keep vibrating, all in motion. Feel the intense heat igniting your power.

You sense a change, you realise that you have been dancing for a long time, the tempo is becoming faster and now you know it is time to re-form yourself again. Take the cue from the beat and start to rise, slowly at first and then gathering speed. Feel the blueprint of your intention causing molecules and quantum matter to start globbing together, realise that there is a pattern here and something is starting to form. Start to dance yourself back into being. Your DNA is stranding itself in proper sequence, your nervous system is firing up, your neurones are connecting, the cells in your blood are starting to flow in the same direction, your bones are solidifying, your muscles and sinews are flexing and forming. One by one your organs are taking shape around you, you start to breathe in and out of your lungs, your heart starts to beat with an impassioned urgency, you feel it pumping your blood round your body with renewed vigour for a life that is lived directly from your heart. Moving up, you sense the dragon alongside you, coming back into her body; her scales forming, wings sprouting, nostrils flaring and tail extending.

Grab hold of the dragon as she moves upwards with you, she is taking you up with her to the plateau. You are both fully-formed now. Surge up into the cavern but don’t rest there, fly upwards and onwards, through the canyons towards the opening of the forge, which you pass through easily back to the hut. There you both stand, beautiful and powerful, totally in your own skins, re-formed and fully present.

Slide off from the dragon’s back, stand with her, thank her, feel the journey you have been through together and share your feelings with her, share your sense of accomplishment and achievement, know that you are not the same person you were when you entered the forge. Know that she has changed too. She knows what you have been through; what you have doubted, what you were frightened of, what you have been putting off – she knows everything. She will always be there to guide you if you ever need to make the journey into the flames again.

Give her one last stroke and a hug before she turns back into the fire. She is the guardian of the forge and helps the blacksmiths make their precious objects by fanning the flames with her wings and keeping the temperature to the optimum. She has work to do. She turns and dives back into the opening and you watch her disappear into the embers which are glowing now only with the faintest light.

Turn and walk out of the hut and into the dell, you see that it is dark. There is a chill in the air. The heat that you experienced in the forge has died away and you feel coolness on your skin. An owl swoops over your head and away into the trees as if guiding you on further and you know that your journey is not over yet. Walk into the forest and see the shapes of the trees in the darkness, you are not afraid, you feel strong, emboldened, passionate and ready for anything. Look down and realise that you are carrying a shield in one hand and a sword in the other, they have both been exquisitely wrought and are a symbol of your new dynamism, strength, beauty and power. Take them with you and know that they will always protect you and keep you safe, no matter what befalls you on your journey from here.

Upon your Return 

Drink and eat a little, walk outside or do something involving your hands; washing up, writing in your journal etc. 

You can return to this visualisation again and again; coming back here when you want a transformation in you life; this maybe for a specific area or for a general boost in energy and passion. Use it when you feel drained, tired, lacking enthusiasm or feel that you are seeing life with tainted vision. The Dragon will guide you into the forge and deep into the alchemical fires so that you may dance, vibrate and re-form your own reality again, free from past conditioning, old ways of thinking and preconceived ideas of the world, into your heart-space, to feel its beat with authenticity and vibrancy again.  

© Louisa Archer 2020

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