Tarot for Horses

IV BATONS – LA FORCE – V COINS Yesterday, I read for a horse that had been unexpectedly bucking whilst his guardian was riding him, even though she’d felt an incredible bond with him during the four weeks that they had been together. I always start an animal communication with intuitive work and then drawContinue reading “Tarot for Horses”

Bondage – it’s all a Matter of Perspective

“I DID PUT THE ON OF MY HANDIS TO THE CROWNE OF MY HEAD AND THE UTHR TO THE SOLE OF MY FOOT AND THN RENUNCET ALL BETWIXT MY TWO HANDIS OWER TO THE DIVELL” This is the voice of Isobel Gowdie, who gave her confession for witchcraft to an assembly of Scottish ministers andContinue reading “Bondage – it’s all a Matter of Perspective”

Divination for Dogs

TAROT READINGS FOR ANIMAL COMPANIONS Often, when I carry out an intuitive reading for an animal, I will use Tarot Cards to give me conversation starters. This just acts as a way to break the ice and give us something to talk about concerning a particular subject. Sometimes, the animal likes to do the readingContinue reading “Divination for Dogs”

This is Literally Going to Hurt

X DE BATON – VII D’ÉPÉE – IV D’ÉPÉE There were many times when I believed that the Tarot just could not be read literally and there have been many times when I was proven wrong. If literal answers are needed, it does help to have a specific question in mind but the cards canContinue reading “This is Literally Going to Hurt”

My Name Isobel

LE PAPE Yesterday, a book that I have been waiting to read for a while – The Visions of Isobel Gowdie by Emma Wilby arrived in my post box. This book has been on my list since reading Emma’s first volume Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits five years ago. Now I am deep in researchContinue reading “My Name Isobel”

The Justification of Justice

LA MORT – LA MAISON DIEU – LE SOLEIL The moon is still traversing Sagittarius coming to full and I see that my Lectio Divina today has taken me back to Camelia Elias’s book “What is Not’ and I find myself re-reading the Justice chapter. I come back to this character in the trumps –Continue reading “The Justification of Justice”

Journeys (or the road less taken)

REINE D’EPÉE – VII EPÉE – III D’EPÉE Let’s start with a three-card spread. The moon is in Sagittarius right now, the ninth house, which concerns travel, higher education and other such things and today is also one of the last days that people here in France are able to go to bars and restaurants,Continue reading “Journeys (or the road less taken)”