Bondage – it’s all a Matter of Perspective

“I DID PUT THE ON OF MY HANDIS TO THE CROWNE OF MY HEAD AND THE UTHR TO THE SOLE OF MY FOOT AND THN RENUNCET ALL BETWIXT MY TWO HANDIS OWER TO THE DIVELL” This is the voice of Isobel Gowdie, who gave her confession for witchcraft to an assembly of Scottish ministers andContinue reading “Bondage – it’s all a Matter of Perspective”

Right Here, Right Now

FUNNY THINGS HAPPEN Being consciously aware of the world I am in right now often causes me to ask myself if I am in the ‘right’ reality or not. Funny things happen to my mind like that; sometimes, I even wonder whether the dream state is more real than waking reality. This happens the moreContinue reading “Right Here, Right Now”

My Name Isobel

LE PAPE Yesterday, a book that I have been waiting to read for a while – The Visions of Isobel Gowdie by Emma Wilby arrived in my post box. This book has been on my list since reading Emma’s first volume Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits five years ago. Now I am deep in researchContinue reading “My Name Isobel”