I’d like to introduce you to my consultation room here on zoom, I hold a very safe space for you and your companion here. Hopefully you will already have received my written transcript, which is an ideal way for me to connect with your companion and ask some preliminary questions.

In this consultation, we will go over the transcript together and if you need anything more clarified by me, I will connect live with your companion. In this way, I hope to be able to work through any challenges you maybe facing together, ask your companion their point of view and discuss any solutions that present themselves to us during the session.

I will receive telepathic images, sensing and knowing from your companion, which I will then communicate to you.

If you’d like to go on and work together with me to learn how to receive telepathic information yourself, we can connect in at the end of the session and through somatic, focusing and meditative techniques, I will take you into the intelligence of your heart, which knows what to do.

Animals come into our lives to guide us; they mirror back all the things we cannot see or understand about our life situation and in this way, they can become our eyes and our ears if we allow them to show us the way. Great healing takes place when we move into our heart space with our animals. I am here to show you how.

The session will be recorded for you to keep and remains always in complete confidence.

See you soon x