Ethical Statements

Interspecies Communication

My desire is to help all species understand each other better, particularly to help restore the lost human ability to connect with other species. I honour all those that come to me for help, without judgment and I honour their desire for change and harmony. I will not be telling you what to do; I provide counsel and guidance, I do not prescribe a “solution”. It is important that you maintain free will during these consultations and chose your own path. It is not my job to name and treat diseases and I therefore will refer people to veterinarians for diagnosis of physical illness. I may however relay animals’ ideas, feelings, pain and symptoms as they describe them (or as I feel or perceive them) and this may be helpful to veterinary health professionals. I let my clients decide for themselves how to work with healing modalities given all the information available. Client confidentiality is paramount and respected at all times, this means I will never share any details of your reading without your explicit permission.

Based on the Code of Ethics
formulated in 1990 by Penelope Smith

Tarot Readings

I will serve the best interests of my clients, conducting my professional activities without causing or intending to cause harm. I will treat all my clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, religion, gender,
age, or sexual preference. I will keep confidential the names of clients and all information shared or discussed during readings, unless otherwise requested by the client or required by a court of law. I will recommend clients consult a licensed professional for advice of a legal, financial, medical, or psychological nature that I am not qualified to provide. If trained in one of these areas, I
will clearly differentiate between the tarot reading and any professional advice additionally provided. I will discuss and agree upon all fees (if any) with my clients in advance. Should a client wish to proceed beyond the originally agreed arrangement, all additional fees (if any) will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties before proceeding. I will respect my clients’ right to refuse or terminate their reading at any time, regardless of prior consent.

Based on the Tarot Association Code of Ethics.