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Are you ready to enter into a magical world with your animal companion? Be it dog, cat, horse, goat, rabbit, bearded dragon or stick insect (alive or in spirit) ~ they are all ready and waiting to connect with you.

Cat with white whiskers looking up

I am absolutely honoured to be taking this journey together with you and your companion! Imagine how they will feel being heard for the very first time, truly heard. This moment will be extremely powerful, exciting and comforting for them, and you too.

Your companion is just waiting to share both their concerns and their love with you, because everything that is going on in your life right now, they also feel very deeply. This will be a chance for them to let you know their wildest and most passionate thoughts and emotions, something that animals do naturally and freely, when we take the time to really stop and listen to them.

Read What the Animals have to Say!

They are also here to teach us; I believe that your companion has come into your life specifically to give you a lesson only you understand. Book a consultation with me and we will together find out what that lesson is …

Book a Consultation with me:

LEARN WHAT YOUR COMPANION IS THINKING, FEELING AND SENSING through a one-hour telepathic communication live with me via Skype, Zoom or phone. Have a chance to discuss any burning issues you may have directly with your companion, and hear what they have to share with you in return, be it emotional, physical, behavioural or spiritual. Learn more about my consultations here.

If you prefer not to have a live CONSULTATION, you can book a Written Transcript of the conversation I have with your companion. Learn more about my transcripts here.

YOU MAY ALSO BOOK A SEPARATE ORACLE CARD READING from me. Learn more about my divination cards and techniques here.

Book any of these options:

Learn to talk (and listen) to your companion through the ‘Our Animal Guides’ Monthly Package:

30 Days of Intensive Guidance from your Companion Through Telepathic Communication, Dream, Symbol, Energy and Divination.

In addition to offering one-to-one consultations and written transcripts, I can also show you how to communicate with your companion yourself, so that you can deepen your intuitive bond together.

This will enable you to open your own psychic, energetic and dreaming channels. In my monthly package, we concentrate on exploring heart-to-heart communication techniques, oracle card inspiration, energy and focusing work, which will align you with your animal’s wisdom and allow you to start to walk a path together in complete harmony and understanding.

I help people tune into their bodily sensations with great focus, so that they may pick up even the extremely subtle messages their companion is sending out to them. It starts with feeling the ‘presence’ of your companion in your own body and ends with having entire conversations with them through the intelligence of both your hearts.

Put your Paw in my Hand

It will give me immense joy to help you start talking to your companion without the need for an intermediary. I often get a sense that some wonderful alchemy is taking place when I hear people start to ‘speak’ directly to their beloved companion for the first time.

Remember, there is no greater teacher than the Guru sitting on the sofa next to you now, grazing out in the paddock or watching you from beyond the veil; relax, tune-in, put your hand in their hoof or paw, fin or claw and let them guide you into their magical world.

You will receive:

A Written Transcript of AN initial one-hour conversation I have with your companion (you do not need to be present). We will be using this document as a blueprint for the work we will carry out together over the duration of the month and it will include such topics as your companion’s characteristics, energy patterns, likes and dislikes, behaviour traits, past lives, soul mission and wisdom messages. Learn more about my transcripts here.

INTENSIVE ONE-TO-ONE CONSULTATION SESSIONS WITH ME through 3 hours’ (4 x 45 mins) worth of online guidance over the course of the month. We will work through the master document together concentrating on the areas you are drawn to or your companion indicates that they want to explore further.

During these sessions you will have THE OPPORTUNITY TO LEARN YOURSELF HOW TO CONNECT WITH YOUR ANIMAL COMPANION in order to receive guidance directly from them without an intermediary. Through somatic, focusing and heart-centred techniques, I will help you to strengthen your psychic bond with your companion. You will also receive continued conversation and instruction from me on how you may integrate this intuitive work further into your daily life.

A WORKING PARTNERSHIP WITH ME VIA EMAIL AND MESSENGER throughout the month, giving you updates about dreams, messages and other signs I receive from your companion, which we will work together to interpret. You will also have a chance to discuss any information you have received with me as you start to practise talking to your companion yourself.

CONTINUOUS INSPIRATION FROM OTHER GUIDES (power animals, tree and plant spirits, ascended masters, angels and crystals) through 4 weekly Oracle Card readings I will send you during the month. Read more about my divination cards and techniques here.

A CHANCE TO TALK TO OTHER PEOPLE WHO ARE FOLLOWING THE SAME JOURNEY AS YOU through a weekly Intention Circle, where you will be able to ask me additional questions and hear from others about their experiences as they learn to talk with their animal companions.

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You have me weeping at this point…. I’ll. Get back to you. You are Spot on. Thank you. Best Wolf Cubbie ever. Thank you.

Antoinette and Prosper (in spirit), U.S.
Chouquette the Cat

WoW what a beautiful message and description! I’m amazed by the energetic side of her you picked. I wasn’t aware until now, she has a lot of presence for sure. She definitely is the queen! And purring yes, we used to spend minutes to hours for belly rubs, with her strongly purring the whole time, it helped me calm down by that time. I’ll read your communication a few more times as this is huge for her character, I’m speechless, amazed, in love, and honoured that you told me I had been chosen when she delivered her babies. I’m truly honoured. Xxx

Émilie and Chouquette, France.
Flower Blossom the stick insect

Amazing communication, it’s great you were able to connect and go into her vibration level, you needed to be very focused. Everything you say I can resonate with. I’m becoming more aware that I work with earth energies so I can see her in my life to assist me with that, thank you for this communication and giving me advice on how to connect more, such wonderful ideas that I will try.

Yazmin and Flower Blossom, England.
Bear the Dog

This is such an incredibly beautiful communication. I feel quite overwhelmed every time I read it as it feels like I am almost there with you and Bear. You have captured Bear’s entire being and essence so wonderfully.

Louise and Bear, England.
Wallace the Horse

I’m glad he’s enjoying the simplicity of the life he’s having now, we will continue in this way, as I’m loving this way too! I love the word ‘Restorative’ you gave me in the communication as I think in many ways that’s the life he is helping us as a family implement and follow with having him in our lives now as guidance in leading life in a more balanced way of body, mind and spirit, and mostly outdoors witnessing even more beauty in nature and the seasons are very prevalent now, which he played a massive part in bringing into our lives. An amazing message, thank you.

Kirsty and Wallace, Scotland.

What do the Animals Themselves have to Say?

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