Following the Circle of the Year

“The Truth is that there is no need to go anywhere but inside. I have pledged myself to do just that; I do not want to go anywhere but right here; this valley, this forest, to fall deeply under its spell. I will be an apprentice to the land, to the rivers and to the mountains. I have been told that I do not need anything else but this. It will be a sacred marriage. Whatever the land wants of me I will fulfil. This is the least I can do.”

  • Sacred Death, Sacred Life
    WEEK THREE has seen a huge amount of snowfall for us here in the Alps. We have well over a metre in the garden right now and it is hard to walk through the woods as the snow is wet and heavy and up above thigh height in the places where a footpath or piste has not been groomed or trodden. Snow falls from branches in huge wet gushing slicks and many trees have snapped under the build up of snow. It is eerie walking in the silent woods only to hear the gushing of a mini avalanche coming fromContinue reading “Sacred Death, Sacred Life”
  • A Little Bird Told me
    WEEK TWO has been very cold, we have had nothing warmer than -4oc during the day for five days now. It has been harder to stay outside during this time, making sure that I keep moving as much as possible to keep warm, difficult for someone who has to stop and look at most everything she spies along the trail. Everything in the landscape seems to be fixed in place right now, the snow has set like rock; old animal and human tracks have been beautifully preserved and new ones laid down only as shadows skimming the top crust. WeContinue reading “A Little Bird Told me”
  • Intertwining Tracks of the Forest
    WEEK ONE It is the first week of the year. We have had a number of storms over the last few days and the snow is lying deep on the ground in layers, which has allowed me to follow the tracks of red deer, red squirrel and red fox in a patch of woods I try to walk in every morning. This patch is narrow; found between the river and the meadow five minutes from my front door. It is only forty paces or so wide but it is long; it takes me at least half an hour to windContinue reading “Intertwining Tracks of the Forest”
  • Following the Circle of the Year
    2021 sees me stepping out on the path for a new endeavour. I will be walking the circle of the seasons deep within the forest where I live. During the last few weeks, I have been clearing space, taking time to sit and listen and asking myself what next year wants of me and how I can honour and serve it. It seemed only fitting that if I am to walk this circle, I must ask the year what it needs of me first. The answer has not yet been fully received but will make itself known as the yearContinue reading “Following the Circle of the Year”
  • Intuition
    People ask me, “How can I improve my intuition?” and I have searched long and hard for an answer to this, believing it to be rather complex and convoluted but actually the truth is that there is one thing you can do right now that is really very simple but can be something people often find very challenging to go through with. On the days that I myself manage to do this thing; I feel more sensitive and more aware of everything around me, in both the visible and hidden worlds and I am able to access the part ofContinue reading “Intuition”
  • Snow
    The snow arrived last night, a little earlier than usual, blanketing the valley in white, though not as perfectly as it does in the depths of winter; stubble and tufts of grass still sticking out here and there in the fields. It will be a few more weeks until all signs of vegetation have been covered. I took a walk over the hill to visit my friend today, reacquainting myself with snow; it feels so familiar to me now, having spent the last sixteen winters immersed within it here in the Alps. It used to feel strange, this magical world,Continue reading “Snow”
  • My Guide
    Sometimes, we find ourselves in stressful situations that actually help thin the veil between the worlds and allow the regular barriers to psychic communication to drop away. Endurance athletes or people that find themselves in danger, receiving news of a terrible event or suffering with severe grief can often spontaneously tap into their intuitive knowledge and their guides come to help them. Yesterday, I found myself in such a situation; exhausted and unable to walk, in the middle of the woods with creepy things going on around me, my animal guide came into help.
  • Earth
    Sacred Revolution Because of my work, I spend many hours with my feet off the ground connected into energies and emotions and I find it essential to come back down to earth often. This usually involves sitting out on the ground at a regular sit-spot and connecting in with the energies underneath me. Recently, I was invited to make a connection with Mother Earth and receive any messages she wanted to tell me. Usually, when I sit on the ground, I do not receive any definite messages back, I move down into a slower pace and feel protected and peaceful,Continue reading “Earth”
  • Silence
    “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” ― Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching You will find so much information on the net nowadays about how to push yourself out into the world; how to share, promote, increase your audience, etc. it seems to me as if you cannot ‘make it’ until the world reads your blog, sees your Instagram page or reads your Facebook posts. It can often be hard to see the way forward with all these people trying to grab your attention as soon as you go online. It takes a lot of courage to move back into theContinue reading “Silence”
  • Robin
    The middle of November is the time for the redstarts to migrate to sunnier climes in Africa, they have been with us all summer, raising their young in the garden. I have watched them follow their daily routines; singing from the chimneys and buildings, fighting off their enemies in neighbouring territories and feeding their fledglings. I am always sad to see them go, as I know this is the beginning of the long winter ahead. There is always a consolation however – a robin takes over the garden, singing in the hedge outside my back door every morning and night,Continue reading “Robin”
  • Lemur
    Maki, a 21-year old ring-tailed lemur was stolen from San Francisco Zoo on 14th October 2020 and found in a child’s playground two days later. I connected in with Maki when I heard the news but did not start a deep conversation there and then, sensing that he needed some time to rest and recuperate, then a couple of nights later, Maki appeared in one of my dreams. I was travelling with a friend a long way from home and we had suitcases that we were wheeling down the road. We went down through an underpass and we were inContinue reading “Lemur”
  • Stag
    After our long hot summer which seemed to have lasted an eternity ~ a few months away from our confinement in the house, glued to the news, bored, convivial ~ the first cold snap of autumn descends into the valley and I go out to converse with the forest. This is never with an intention; I always find my way as I walk ~ just like I do as I set out to write. Deep in the wood, the ground is clammy after the first blush of snow and my feet are cold, I feel the chill rising slowly upContinue reading “Stag”
  • Beluga
    In Spring 2019, two female beluga whales, Little Grey and Little White, became residents of the world’s first beluga whale sanctuary in a ground-breaking marine and animal welfare project led by the Sea Life Trust in partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). Little Grey and Little White were caught from the wild in Russia when they were two years old and kept at the Changfeng Ocean World aquarium in China for seven years. When Merlin Entertainment, a UK-based company bought the aquarium in 2012, they began an extensive search to find the ideal new home for Little Grey andContinue reading “Beluga”
  • Breakthroughs
    It can often be a while before one can truly step out of one’s critical mind and accept that telepathy and animal communication is real. Some people find it easier than others. I have always had a very active analytical and thinking mind and it has taken me a long time to down regulate into my right brain, primarily through the long term practice of meditation. I had always had animals send me signs all through my life, however. When my father was very ill, I was visited by a fox. This was very unusual for me, as I hadContinue reading “Breakthroughs”
  • Lizard
    I have been having an ongoing conversation with the next door neighbour’s cats. Since our dog passed over last year, the five half-feral cats have been making more than an appearance in our garden; they have become a permanent feature. I love cats – they are wise and have such a profound energy about them but these particular cats are very wild, very proud of their skills, very good hunters and exceptionally good at catching and killing everything that moves. I am a bit of a wildlife gardener and I have spent many years encouraging all kinds of creatures intoContinue reading “Lizard”
  • Cat
    My garden is surrounded by cats; six in total, four of them living in the house next door. I really love birds and leave food out for them on our bird table but I was finding that after my dog passed away a year ago, these cats were coming in to pick the birds off the feeder one by one. I was extremely angry with the cats but instead of setting up elaborate deterrents (which did not work anyway), I decided that the only thing I could do was sit down and talk to them. The first black cat IContinue reading “Cat”
  • Yarrow
    This is not something that can be spoken of with plain language; it takes a sideways glance and a half-spoken truth to understand it. Sometimes what is needed is a ‘poetry as medicine bundle’ ~ wrapped up and sent off on a wing and a prayer. It is never meant to be dissected, only meant to be held and cherished, drawn close to a burning heart; it is Alchemy ~ also Recipe, to be tinkered with to one’s own liking; handed-down from grandmother to grand-daughter, noted on the back of an envelope, written in a half-formed way. This is alsoContinue reading “Yarrow”
  • Consciousness
    Writing is my preferred method of communicating with the outside world, and in order to get in touch with that ethereal other-worldy place that cannot often be described in plain text, poetry has been a very useful medium for me to explore. I have recently had a poem published in a small press journal, run by the Centre for Alterity Studies, which is a resource for the work of an international network of artists and researchers with interests in non-human otherness encompassing animal, plant and mineral alterity. The brief for this particular edition of the journal was to create piecesContinue reading “Consciousness”
  • Vixen
    I am not sure that I can even write this post. Where do I begin? Not because I am being told from every quarter that I am ‘wrong’ but actually because it has been very hard for me to re-live what happened last night until now; that slick little body being dragged from the middle of a field and thrown into the river. I must make this clear right from the start that I realise I probably shouldn’t have been encouraging foxes to come into the garden at all. It was only because I bought a trail cam and IContinue reading “Vixen”

Come with me on a journey around the circle of the year, I am walking the land detailing encounters out in the forest: animal tracking, bird language, nature awareness, hand-crafting and deeper musings on what it means to live authentically, in true connection and with sacred devotion to all life. My tracks will be recorded on my blog every week or can be sent to your inbox in a series of Full-Moon Missives when you sign up here.