Interspecies Communication Services


Learning what your companion is thinking, feeling and sensing is something we should not tackle lightly; animals are incredibly sensitive and intelligent beings and respond especially well to psychic communication. I am able to converse with your animal through stepping away from my left-brain activity, lowering my thinking levels completely and using the intelligence of my heart to search somatically for a connection to their energetic frequency. When this frequency has been found, I am able to collect the images, words, feelings and ‘knowing’ they send me.

The exchange of information and the energy alignment that takes place through the communication is often all that is needed for positive changes to take place with your companion because of the attention they receive, the listening that takes place and the raising of energy that results. It is as simple as that!


☞ I am able check in with your companion on many levels; physically, energetically and spiritually and find out about their alignment across these levels.

☞ I am able to ask any questions you may have for them about their behaviour or any other issues you are dealing with right now.

☞ I am able to find out about your companion’s past lives and their soul mission with you and your family and talk to any animals who are in spirit.

☞ Although I cannot diagnose medical problems, I am able to assess their physical body, stress levels and energy imbalances.

☞ This information comes to you through either a written or recorded transcript. This is for you to look over and take time to absorb before any further action is taken.

☞ I can provide intuitive hospice care advice for your companion, where it is possible to liaise with you week-by-week, day-by-day and hour-by-hour (by messenger) regarding pain levels, effective palliative interventions and transitioning readiness. I also offer end-of-life vigil services for those animals who have already passed.

☞ I also offer tarot readings (for animals and humans), interspecies communication one-to-one mentoring, sigil-making, and

My fee is £50 per hour spent talking with your companion animal (minimum charge £25). Please see my pricing table for rough currency conversions. The communication will come in the form of a written or recorded transcript.

“I contacted Louisa in a moment of utter helplessness around communication with my dog-friend who was displaying sudden and clear signs of unhappiness/depression. I have been aware of interspecies communication for some years now, and I sincerely believed we would never need a mediator. But it happened; as the symptoms of my dog were getting worse, I was less and less able to listen to her, so I reached out for Louisa’s help. Louisa’s presence with us was incredibly gentle and it is thanks to her gentleness that my dog and I were able to share openly and with trust. There was no judgment of either of us, which I deeply appreciate.

Louisa stated observations-facts and helped me listen to my dog’s feelings and needs – which are so linked with mine. So, both Louisa and my dog actually helped me see areas of my life that I needed to shed light on. I am grateful for Louisa’s fine-attuned sensitivity, patience and zero pressure or expectation with both of us. At the same time I was and am aware of Louisa’s Calm and her grounded Presence while mediating between us, which inspired me to keep my feet on the earth during what felt like quite a ride.

For the ones who need proof that such a communication is actually happening: my dog started eating, drinking, socializing and running practically immediately after our work together. She was not doing a single one of these things before. Thank you Louisa for bringing me back to earth to keep me discovering what a miraculous precious creature lives next to me – and the innocent wild animal in me. Thank you for our connection as two human beings.”

Katerina & Tara, Czech Republic, 2020.

(45-minute reading)

Frances’s has been with her guardian for 5 years. After a lot of digging and research on her previous homes, her guardian wants to find out more about where she originally came from, what breed her mother might have been and how she was handled by previous owners.

FRANCES’S COMMUNICATION: Frances is a brave mule. She is ready to take a challenge and do what other animals are not prepared to do but sometimes when she oversteps the boundaries she becomes uncertain and frightened. Overstepping is the key here and something she doesn’t relish. She is inquisitive and even nosey, ready to unearth new things and check out anything that has changed or been moved in her domain and is especially interested in new things, new animals, new people. She is able to light a fire in people’s hearts and inspire them to try things they would not think of trying normally. I sense that she makes or would make a wonderful therapy animal. 

To answer your immediate questions: As a younger animal she showed a lot of potential and that she was possibly singled out because of it. She has good breeding, from strong stock with a carefully chosen pairing of mother and father. Her mother was of pedigree stock – even a champion or highly lauded in her class. She may have been kept apart from her immediate family and companions for a period of time and that made her withdraw but she has amazing resilience and just retreated into her own world in order to get through it so that she could bounce back. There was definitely a separation and a period of time that was ‘without meaning’ for her, which includes loneliness and boredom. At one point I feel she was undernourished – there are no other physical signs of mistreatment however. Because of this period of isolation, Frances was unsure of how to act around people and that resulted in her guardians being heavy handed with her, not in a cruel or callous way but in a way that they thought was needed for her own wellbeing.  At one point in her life there was a breakthrough and she was able to be herself again and that made her very happy – she found freedom and meaning again.

She comes from the ‘south’, a hot place, just outside a large city, possibly from a desert area with cacti, one that sees flash floods and summer fires.

Frances is very intelligent and doesn’t take kindly to doing things that she doesn’t see any purpose in doing. She works from the heart and is attracted to those people who also work from their hearts. Although she dislikes being treated heavy-handedly and will retreat if this happens. Thankfully this happen very rarely although she always remains wary. She needs her free time; time away from other animals and people so that she can take stock and replenish herself, in order to face the world renewed. Thank you for letting me chat with France today, she is a wonderful animal, I hope that has shed some light on her past for you. 

FEEDBACK: thank you so much for all this interesting information from Frances. Definitely hit the nail on the head with her being nosey, brave and flustered by overstepping – we’ve had a handful of minor incidents on the trail where she was a little too bold for her own good. Very interesting about her mom being well bred. I get a lot of compliments on her confirmation and movement, and several more experienced mule breeders have asked if her mom was part arab.

Southern, possible desert environment… hmm…. maybe west Texas, Arizona or New Mexico. I know at one point when she was very young, maybe 2-3yrs old she was in a quality mule auction somewhere in Oklahoma. From there she was brought to the north side of Houston and just left in the pasture to “grow up” more until she was big and old enough to start riding. That’s probably where she was lonely, bored and feeling like she didn’t have a purpose.

In my digging and contacting previous owners and folks who knew more about her, there was a teenage girl who helped with getting her started under saddle… she sent me some pictures of her working with Frances and she just looked “rangey” – like not neglected by any means, but appeared wormy, a bit under weight and sort of dull-eyed. The folks that started Frances weren’t doing anything flat out wrong so far as I could tell, but she was handled firmly to keep her over-exuberance contained. They enjoyed her though and treated her with kindness, just didn’t allow her to be a pet.

It’s kind of funny you say she likes periods of solitude to recharge. She doesn’t really get alone time away from her herd mates except for the rare occasion I take her out for a weekend competition or trail ride/camping trip and it’s just me and her. I know she enjoys going with me for adventures that are just for the two of us to take a break from everybody else because that’s always when she’s the most calm and well behaved, but I never considered she might need a break from her herd AND PEOPLE and just be left to it.

She can read people in a heartbeat and if she doesn’t like someone she makes it very clear very quickly. She’ll be a prankster with adults that don’t know what they’re doing but with kids she’s something else… just soft, gentle, very cautious and careful in everything she does with kiddos. Thank you again.

REPLY: I am glad that I could confirm/add some more to the info you have gathered, you obviously care a lot about Frances because of the time you have spent researching her past. Of course, this was just a brief overview and it would be interesting to dig deeper at some point. It is fascinating that you mentioned about the Arab blood, as I did ask her directly ‘Where did you come from originally?’ – and the desert scene could also be hinting to Arabia if Frances had misunderstood the question, although I don’t believe the middle eastern desert contains cacti; even so, in addition to a geographical location, she could also have been passing on information about a past life or referencing her blood origins. Also, I am intrigued about her heart-centeredness and the rapport she obviously has with children who are naturally and effortlessly very open-hearted. I would like to make a suggestion that you go forward and think about therapy work with Frances for children, I believe she would be incredible for this type of work, she obviously is a very special mule.

FEEDBACK: I was really wondering how Frances would interpret questions about her bloodline and place of origin. Mules can be so literal in their responses when I’m doing training work. Occasionally we get visitors at our competition from a special needs therapy riding facility and competitors volunteer their horses and mules for use for a special needs division at the show. I’ve held back on using Frances for that because she can be a little bull headed and I wouldn’t want her to intimidate one of the kids, but maybe it’s time to give it a go. One of our boarders has a young daughter with downs (who is an excellent rider) so maybe we’ll try some things at our home arena with her in a calm environment.

~ Monica.R. Carroll, Black Cat Mules, U.S. 2021.

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