Interspecies Communication

Learning what your companion is thinking, feeling and sensing is something we should not tackle lightly; animals are incredibly sensitive and intelligent beings and respond especially well to psychic communication. I am able to converse with your animal through stepping away from my left-brain activity, lowering my thinking levels completely and using the intelligence of my heart to search somatically for a connection to their energetic frequency. When this frequency has been found, I am able to collect the images, words, feelings and ‘knowing’ they send me.

I am able check in with your companion on many levels; physically, energetically and spiritually and can ask them specific questions about their alignment across these levels. I am also able to find out about their spirit guides and their soul mission with you and your family. I am also able to ask any questions you may have for them about their behaviour or other issues. This information I pass to you through either a written or recorded transcript. This is for you to look over and take time to absorb before any further action is taken. The act of deep listening and attention (through the reading of this transcript) will have already started to open up your own intuitive channel with your companion and both your energies will have moved into closer alignment with each other. I will be working with this energy as we move forward.

Many people find that if the desired outcome was to have a greater understanding of their animal’s behaviour the exchange of information and the energy alignment that has taken place through the transcript is often all that is needed. If you wanted a specific outcome from the communication, I have found time and time again, animals will change their behaviour after my conversation with them because of the attention they receive, the listening that takes place and the raising of energy that results. It is as simple as that. If you would like to go onto discuss anything that has come up in the transcript with me in a one-to-one live consultation however, this is the next step. This will be your chance to have anything clarified and explained live with your companion through me. Towards the end of the session, there will also be a possibility for you to feel the presence of your companion in your own energy body through me. This will give you a taster of what it is like to ‘communicate’ with your companion yourself. 

Having felt the energetic presence of your companion close to your side or sitting on your lap during the session you may want to develop this feeling further. This is when we can harness the energy that has already been exchanged directly between the both of you and use it as a channel. During the time we spend together in the following one-to-one sessions, as you start to get taken along on the currents of intuition and imagination, as you work through your doubts, tease open your past conditioning, open your heart fully to your companion (and to yourself) and start to trust that they are guiding you steadfastly and without hesitation, you will automatically start to pick up words, feelings, emotions, images and knowing directly from them.

This will be a journey like no other; it will be YOUR journey, unique to you and your companion. There are no set pathways and no prescribed routes because we will be dancing with Spirit and calling on your animal to guide us; putting one careful paw in front of the other at the beginning, moving with liquid grace and certainty by the end. We will be leaving the world of linear thinking behind and moving into a place of intuition and instinct, learning how to listen deeply and how to re-member ourselves back into wholeness. In this way, we will be working methodically to open up your intuitive channels. I will start by showing you how to enhance the sensations you felt when your companion moved into your energetic field, then we will concentrate on receiving a ‘yes/no’ answer to simple questions we will be giving them. Then we will move onto learning how to receive information directly into your body through the channel you are most comfortable with; either visually, audibly, kinaesthetically or a combination of any/all of these.

There is no need to understand how this is going to happen. Your companion knows! I have found time and time again that animals relish the work they have been asked to do with their humans during this time and they do it with eloquence, efficiency and courage. They understand that they have been asked to heal your sense of separation from the world and in this way they heal their own separation too. All you need to do to come on this journey with me is to have an open heart full of curiosity; trust in the process and you will find that your guide will be able to do the rest.

“I contacted Louisa in a moment of utter helplessness around communication with my dog-friend who was displaying sudden and clear signs of unhappiness/depression. I have been aware of interspecies communication for some years now, and I sincerely believed we would never need a mediator. But it happened; as the symptoms of my dog were getting worse, I was less and less able to listen to her, so I reached out for Louisa’s help. Louisa’s presence with us was incredibly gentle and it is thanks to her gentleness that my dog and I were able to share openly and with trust. There was no judgment of either of us, which I deeply appreciate. Louisa stated observations-facts and helped me listen to my dog’s feelings and needs – which are so linked with mine. So, both Louisa and my dog actually helped me see areas of my life that I needed to shed light on. I am grateful for Louisa’s fine-attuned sensitivity, patience and zero pressure or expectation with both of us, both HSPs. At the same time I was and am aware of Louisa’s Calm and her grounded Presence while mediating between us, which inspired me to keep my feet on the earth during what felt like quite a ride. Most importantly, Louisa accompanied ME to be in direct non-verbal communication with my dog, an ability I deeply believe is natural to all of us and for some reason some of us forgot we know. For the ones who need proof that such a communication is actually happening: my dog started eating, drinking, socializing and running practically immediately after our work together. She was not doing a single one of these things before. Louisa’s presence and her life’s dedication is opening doors to a whole new world and life to me. I sincerely wish to continue on the journey of animal communication, with my dog as a guide, and potentially other beings around me, for there is so much beauty, joy and wisdom to be heard, witnessed and shared. I also honestly wish to continue my journey with Louisa personally, she helps me learn to understand the language beyond words and trust my senses again. Thank you Louisa for bringing me back to earth to keep me discovering what a miraculous precious creature lives next to me – and the innocent wild animal in me. Thank you for our connection as two human beings.”

Katerina & Tara, Czech Republic, 2020-21.

I charge £50 per hour of my time spent in conversation with your companion animal.

A mini-reading usually takes 45 minutes (£37.50) and a full +1,000-word transcript usually takes 90 minutes to complete (£75).

Any sessions we have together after this will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

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