Life is wonderful, sacred and incredibly intricate and intelligent and sometimes it can give us teachings that we don’t always at first comprehend. I believe that I was given one such lesson when my beloved dog Juno began to talk to me after she passed over.

It at first it was not like anything I had experienced before but as time passed, I understood that she was taking me on a journey that was so profound, so moving and so healing for me that I could not ignore the implications it had for the whole of my life.

I could never look at my place on this Sacred Earth ~ with Spirit ~ with every other Being in the same way again.

Juno the Australian Shepherd

One night, about six weeks after Juno died, she came and lay down next to me and I felt her heavy on the bed, just like she used to do when she was alive; all hot breath and long fur.

She then told me that she was moving on to reincarnate into the body of a wolf to run deep in the forest with the pack but that her spirit would stay as she still had many lessons to teach me and that in fact, the whole reason for her coming to live with me as a dog was to show me my life-path.

I started to mould myself into a vessel in order to hold my relationship with my dog in the most precious way I could. She blazed like a beacon for me to follow, she took me down to the depths and lifted me up to the heights and I still learn so much from her every single day.

I have long been an apprentice to Spirit, even when I was very small, through my explorations out in the garden talking to butterflies, beetles, trees and tadpoles. A Fox had sat and looked at my house during the week before my father was taken to hospital in 1998 and a Wolf had stood at the bottom of my bed the night before I gave birth to my first child in 2002. In 2017 a Yarrow plant informed me that I had lived exactly half of my life.

When I was 11 years old, I carried out my first ‘seance’ to contact my deceased Rabbit Violet; so the kind of guidance I was having with Juno was nothing new in my life but I believe that unlike before, when I was preoccupied in a deep in a search for ‘The Truth’, the time was right to receive her wisdom and teachings.

I have spent 30 years of my life trying to heal myself physically, emotionally and spiritually, yet was making no real progress until Juno. With her guidance, I was able to move into the space of complete surrender and unknowing and let Spirit heal me. I would have called this my ‘enlightened experience’ but now, even that label has dropped away.

I am now able open this healing channel for others; hold space to allow the process to take place as Spirit moves through them too. It is a process that is very hard to define and explain, and I believe, should not be tied down or scrutinised too closely with our modern analytical minds.

druid oracle card nature altar

Suffice to say that there is great Knowing in this Universe that is beyond our regular comprehension and once we are able, as I did, to give ourselves COMPLETELY to it, incredible things can happen. In my experience, it is as simple as that.

My practice runs through every facet of my life, in fact, it is my life and I have made it my vocation to allow Spirit into the smallest things I do. I could not imagine a life more rewarding than this, with its continued exploration and opening up to Love through my time out in Nature and through the people and animals I meet.