Life is wonderful, sacred, incredibly intricate and intelligent and sometimes it can give us teachings that we don’t always at first comprehend. I believe that I was given one such lesson when my beloved dog Juno began to talk to me after she passed over. At first, it was not like anything I had experienced before but as time passed, I understood that she was taking me on a journey that was so profound, so moving and so healing for me that I could not ignore the implications it had for the whole of my life. I could never look at my place on this Sacred Earth ~ with Spirit ~ with every other Being in the same way again.

One night, six days after Juno died, she came and lay down next to me and I felt her heavy on the bed, just like she used to do when she was alive; all hot breath and long fur. She then told me that her spirit would stay as she still had many lessons to teach me and that in fact, the whole reason for her coming to live with me as a dog was to show me my true life-path. She continued to stay with me, helping me in so many ways that I will always be grateful for, but it was only until very recently that I understood the extent of my path with her.

In early 2021, I received healing for Juno and myself through a circle of wonderful animal communicator friends. All 8 of us held the space for her to come forward and as we came together as one, she sent healing to us all. The session was incredibly emotional for me and the tears flowed and flowed. I couldn’t believe that I still held all of this emotion for her inside me.

Since that healing session, I see that Juno has moved into her true role as a teacher and guide for me (and others). I did not realise until I saw this transformation, how she had been with me before, how she had always been by my side, waiting quietly to support and help me when I needed it. I always felt her as a physical presence when I connected with her, especially in times of stress but since the healing session, her presence has changed into pure energy, light and vibration. She has moved into the realm of Spirit fully and all her layers (energetic, lightbody, ethereal, astral etc.) have finally aligned. Even though I did not know it at the time, I was not able to fully let go of her and allow her to move into her true power as teacher and guide.

We now work together, helping other animals to transition. Juno has shown me how to release my fears about death, how to understand that we are all energy and light encapsulated in physical form and at the end of the day, that this body will falter and fail but our true essence will always prevail. It has been a long time coming but she showed me how to truly let go into a state of trust, which continues to be so very healing for me every day.

Thank you dearest companion, I understand now what my life shared with you truly means. Thank you for your patience and faith in me.