Intrepid Explorer welcome and congratulations! You have reached the deepest page on my site. This one is the furthest, as the rabbit burrows, from the homepage and I am honoured that you have take the time to come here to read more.

Because you have taken the time follow the tracks into the labyrinth, I would like to repay you by giving you 18% off the price of my ‘Our Animal Guides‘ package.

All you have to do to redeem this offer is send me an email telling me the following three things:

  1. The name of my beloved dog.
  2. Whom she was married to in Roman mythology.
  3. What our shared life-path number is.
labyrinth coin

You will find this information in obvious and not so obvious places on this website and beyond!

As you may have realised by now, my work is all about inner tracking, and I have tried to set this website out in a way that echoes this – animal communication follows the tracks of our heart’s intelligence into our bodies to reconnect with our ancient dreaming-self; one that knows everything about animals, plants, trees and the environment around us on a telepathic level.

I am honoured that you have crossed the threshold and moved deeper into my world through exploring this website and hopefully you will have picked up a little of how I work; primarily through translating symbols, journeying, dreaming, visioning and using my somatic and psychic skills.

This world can certainly feel like a labyrinth at times, until you get versed in its ways and I hope to be able to guide you, together with your companion, into this magical space when I start to work with you.

So go deep, follow the tracks in the snow, stop at every signpost, look carefully at what it is saying to you, even if you have to part the thick creeping ivy that twines allover it to read what it really says, and let me know what you find.