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  • Woods
    Sometimes, we find ourselves in stressful situations that actually help thin the veil between the worlds and allow the regular barriers to psychic communication to drop away. Endurance athletes or people that find themselves in danger, receiving news of a terrible event or suffering with severe grief can often spontaneously tap into their intuitive knowledge and their guides come toContinue reading “Woods”
  • Earth
    Sacred Revolution Because of my work, I spend many hours with my feet off the ground connected into energies and emotions and I find it essential to come back down to earth often. This usually involves sitting out on the ground at a regular sit-spot and connecting in with the energies underneath me. Recently, I was invited to make aContinue reading “Earth”
  • Silence
    “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” ― Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching You will find so much information on the net nowadays about how to push yourself out into the world; how to share, promote, increase your audience, etc. it seems to me as if you cannot ‘make it’ until the world reads your blog, sees your Instagram page orContinue reading “Silence”
  • Robin
    The middle of November is the time for the redstarts to migrate to sunnier climes in Africa, they have been with us all summer, raising their young in the garden. I have watched them follow their daily routines; singing from the chimneys and buildings, fighting off their enemies in neighbouring territories and feeding their fledglings. I am always sad toContinue reading “Robin”
  • Lemur
    Maki, a 21-year old ring-tailed lemur was stolen from San Francisco Zoo on 14th October 2020 and found in a child’s playground two days later. I connected in with Maki when I heard the news but did not start a deep conversation there and then, sensing that he needed some time to rest and recuperate, then a couple of nightsContinue reading “Lemur”
  • Stag
    After our long hot summer which seemed to have lasted an eternity ~ a few months away from our confinement in the house, glued to the news, bored, convivial ~ the first cold snap of autumn descends into the valley and I go out to converse with the forest. This is never with an intention; I always find my wayContinue reading “Stag”
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