This is Literally Going to Hurt

X D’ÉPÉE – VII D’ÉPÉE – IV D’ÉPÉE There were many times when I believed that the Tarot just could not be read literally and there have been many times when I was proven wrong. If literal answers are needed, it does help to have a specific question in mind but the cards can stillContinue reading “This is Literally Going to Hurt”

My Name Isobel

LE PAPE Yesterday, a book that I have been waiting to read for a while – The Visions of Isobel Gowdie by Emma Wilby arrived in my post box. This book has been on my list since reading Emma’s first volume Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits five years ago. Now I am deep in researchContinue reading “My Name Isobel”

The Justification of Justice

LA MORT – LA MAISON DIEU – LE SOLEIL The moon is still traversing Sagittarius coming to full and I see that my Lectio Divina today has taken me back to Camelia Elias’s book “What is Not’ and I find myself re-reading the Justice chapter. I come back to this character in the trumps –Continue reading “The Justification of Justice”

Journeys, or the road less taken.

REINE D’EPÉE – VII EPÉE – III D’EPÉE I am starting this little series of posts as I think about journeys. The moon is in Sagittarius right now, the 9th house, which concerns travel, higher education and other such things and today is also the last day that people here in France are able toContinue reading “Journeys, or the road less taken.”