Sigil Making

My sigils are inspired by nature and are fully charged with the intention you set. They can be used for tattoos, logos or jewellery designs or of course, can just be kept as a touchstone for the changes you want to make in your life. Sigil-making is magic at its most elemental and even though we could very effectively use stones, feathers or sticks for our glyphs, since the advent of pictographs in Mesopotamia, we have relied more heavily on symbols, including lettering to represent elements, objects and ideas.

My sigil-making is based on alchemical formulas and uses both objects from nature and representational glyphs. I work to interpret your intention through the Tarot, animal and plant oracles and my own intuition and then go on to collect inspiration from the land and the imaginal realm to weave together a talisman for your personal use. This sigil is then ritually charged with your intention to infuse it with animistic power and then energetically ‘sent’ to where it will most take effect. The resulting graphic drawing is then saved as a downloadable file so that you can continue to work with it however you wish. Please contact me for more details.

My fee is £50 per hour spent making your sigil (minimum charge £25). Please see my pricing table for rough currency conversions. The average time spent per sigil is 1½ hours.