Tarot Readings

I offer Tarot readings for humans and animals, alive and deceased. I use Le Tarot de l’Etoile Cachée (pictured right), which is a modern take on the ancient Tarot de Marseille design and allows for greater intuition to flow during the reading and deep insights to be made. The simplicity of the imagery of the major arcana and court cards and the minimalism of the pip cards, a characteristic of the Tarot de Marseille, allows for greater freedom of interpretation and connection with the querent and questions.

I use various multi-card spreads, which allows for several questions to be asked, so please give details of any questions you may have in the form when you book your reading.

My fee is £50 per hour spent reading for you (minimum charge £25). Please see my pricing table for rough currency conversions. It will come in the form of a written or recorded transcript.