Katerina & Tara, Czech Republic.

“I contacted Louisa in a moment of utter helplessness around communication with my dog-friend who was displaying sudden and clear signs of unhappiness/depression. I have been aware of interspecies communication for some years now, and I sincerely believed we would never need a mediator. But it happened; as the symptoms of my dog were getting worse, I was less and less able to listen to her, so I reached out for Louisa’s help.

Louisa’s presence with us was incredibly gentle and it is thanks to her gentleness that my dog and I were able to share openly and with trust.  There was no judgment of either of us, which I deeply appreciate. Louisa stated observations-facts and helped me listen to my dog’s feelings and needs – which are so linked with mine. So, both Louisa and my dog actually helped me see areas of my life that I needed to shed light on. I am grateful for Louisa’s fine-attuned sensitivity, patience and zero pressure or expectation with both of us, both HSPs. At the same time I was and am aware of Louisa’s Calm and her grounded Presence while mediating between us, which inspired me to keep my feet on the earth during what felt like quite a ride. Most importantly, Louisa accompanied ME to be in direct non-verbal communication with my dog, an ability I deeply believe is natural to all of us and for some reason some of us forgot we know.

So, to come back to the Gift from our session… For the ones who need proof that such a communication is actually happening: my dog started eating, drinking, socializing and running practically immediately after our work together. She was not doing a single one of these things before. Louisa’s presence and her life’s dedication is opening doors to a whole new world and life to me. I sincerely wish to continue on the journey of animal communication, with my dog as a guide, and potentially other beings around me, for there is so much beauty, joy and wisdom to be heard, witnessed and shared. I also honestly wish to continue my journey with Louisa personally, she helps me learn to understand the language beyond words and trust my senses again. Thank you Louisa for bringing me back to earth to keep me discovering what a miraculous precious creature lives next to me – and the innocent wild animal in me. Thank you for our connection as two human beings.”

Sara & Estar, United States.

Louisa does incredible work!! I’m so grateful to her for the journey she took me on—a magical and profoundly healing one that has deepened my relationship with nature and myself. Working with her brought some much needed closure to unresolved trauma I was carrying related to an incident from when I worked as a zookeeper, where some beloved animals under my care passed away. And even beyond that, the work we did unexpectedly helped heal feelings I had carried from my dear grandfather’s passing.

Louisa is a truly gifted intuitive with a powerful connection to animals and nature in general. It defies logic, but the potency of the connection she opened up for me was mind blowing! I mean, a real live owl showed up in my own backyard during my time working with Louisa! Not once but TWICE! This has never happened before or since! I also was touched by her sensitivity. It is clear she cares deeply about her clients and their success. And I have to mention, I’m head-over-heels in love with her writing!! It is so lyrical and evocative. I highly recommend signing up to work with her! It will change your life in magical soul nourishing ways.

Sarah & Mrs. P, United Kingdom.

“Your approach was natural, caring and genuine. There are very few people in the world like you. It was the first time in my life that I have GENUINELY felt listened to, heard and understood. You have felt like a best friend to me over the past few weeks and I have felt able to tell you anything. As part of our first session we had a short meditation to connect in with Mrs. P, a pheasant who regularly visits my garden and I had the most magical, wonderful experience as she came closer to me, then I could feel her sat on my lap, my hands supporting but not holding her. I could feel the unconditional love between us both as she rested her head on my arm and closed her eyes. It felt like a little respite for her from constantly being alert. After the call, I felt very calm.

Through your work with me, what I’d wanted to achieve was to be closer to nature, and what we actually achieved together was this and so much more. You helped me to achieve peace and find unconditional trust again. You helped heal past wounds and lift the fog of dread. That was completely unexpected and incredibly welcome, euphoric, cathartic, special and centering. You nailed what I needed without me telling you, which I couldn’t have anyway as I didn’t know myself. I can’t quite get my head around what is happening as a result of this journey I’m on with Louisa, but it is magical and amazing and profoundly moving, and I can’t wait to see what happens on the rest of our time together on this path.”

Becky & Harry, United Kingdom.

“Louisa communicated with my pet goat Harry. I originally didn’t have any reason for the communication other than making sure that Harry was happy. He was rescued several years ago and we know nothing of his past. He lives with 4 sheep but spends most of his time escaping the field and wandering around looking for human contact no matter how many enrichment activities we put in his field, so we just wanted to make sure that we were giving him everything he needs. Louisa’s communication was invaluable, she helped us to understand why Harry behaves the way he does and gave us some insight into the home he had before and how this has shaped some of his current behaviours.

She also discussed his feelings towards me and made me realise that although he lives outside in a field he still has the same emotional needs as the dogs and needs more time and attention than he gets just from his general day to day care and has really improved my relationship with him. Since that first communication Louisa has helped us with several new issues we have had with Harry and each time we see a vast improvement. I would highly recommend Louisa to anybody who is thinking of booking a communication with their animal friend.”

Jeanni & Leopold, Canada.

“You are nothing short of magnificent. Your connection to my animal and ability to grasp where I, as his human, is coming from fell into place so quickly. You have not only connected the dots from the past but also to both his and my future on our healing journey together. He helped you to open my eyes about me and what I needed to see and step into. I will forever be grateful to you for helping me to do that through him. You are both such deep treasures to me and I strongly advise anyone wanting to deepen their connection to themselves and their animals to work with you. What a beautiful gift you have given to me and Leopold.”