The End-of-Life Vigil Service

This vigil lasts for nine nights and is performed by me for your beloved (human and/or animal). It must start within three days of physical death, whilst the ‘breath soul’ remains close to their body, is still connected to the ‘dreaming soul’ and is experiencing subtle perceptions and visionary episodes.

I will be helping the soul breath to release gradually so that the dreaming soul may move to the Otherworld, allowing smooth passage from the ‘ordinariness’ of this life to the ‘strangeness’ of the next. I will also set an orientation for the transition, offer strength and protection against anything that may hinder or distract from the task ahead; this is achieved by providing tangible light and nourishment (whilst an intonation of their name is made to attract their attention on an energetic level) and performing key invocations to summon special aid.

The number nine is significant here, as it aligns with the nine months spent in the womb and represents a reversal back into the Womb of the Otherworld, where all souls rest and are cared for until they reincarnate. After the breath soul has gradually been released, the dreaming soul may depart – approximately nine nights after the physical death of the body, when it will move across the line that separates the Seen from the Unseen.

The vigil takes place remotely and at a certain hour every day, so that you may concentrate your attention on your beloved and offer your own gifts and prayers to them at this time.

My fee is £50 per hour spent in vigil with your companion animal. Please see my pricing table for rough currency conversions. The vigil totals approx. 1½ hours over the nine nights.

Please contact me if you would like more information or have any questions.

If you are caring for your companion at the end of their life right now and need support, if you are grieving for a companion who has just passed over and need a space to share your grief, if you have looked after an animal in the past and can offer advice to others or you have lost a beloved companion in the past and are still grieving, you are welcome to join my safe and private facebook community: