Wild Guidance

Interspecies Communication Mentoring

We all had the capacity to have a conversation with an animal when we were younger because we lived fully immersed in a world of imagination, right-brain sensing and heart-centred connection but after the age of five, our education and social conditioning slowly closed down our natural ability, until most of us came to a place of complete forgetting. Yet still, there is a small, soft voice deep inside us that continues to believe it is possible.

Through a series of one-to-one sessions, I will work with you to ensure you are able to have a full conversation with your companion through your strongest psychic sense. This will be the point when you no longer need me to channel your companion’s wisdom for you.

Any adult can do this, given a dedicated period of time in which to remember, a safe space in which to be held and the patience of someone who truly believes in their abilities.

During our first session together, I will guide you to feel the presence of your companion in your own energetic field. This will give you a taster of what it is like to ‘communicate’ with your companion yourself. Having felt their energetic presence close to you, we will go on to harness the energy that has been exchanged directly between the both of you and use it as a channel.

During the time we spend together in the following sessions, as we work on specific exercises designed to open this channel wider, you will be taken along the currents of intuition and imagination as you face your doubts, tease open your past conditioning, open your heart fully to your companion (and to yourself) and start to trust they are guiding you steadfastly and without hesitation. By the time we have finished, you will be able to receive ‘yes or no’ answers (and other phrases), feelings, emotions, images and knowing directly from them.

I can also show you how to connect with animals, birds and plants in your environment through the exploration of somatic expression, animism, inner tracking and through learning the core routines for excellent intuitive connection with the wild, which will improve your empathy, sharpen your concentration, lower your mind-chatter and get in touch with all your senses in powerful and effective ways.

My fee is £50 per hour. Please see my pricing table for rough currency conversions.
All sessions are on a pro-rata basis and discounts are available for advanced bookings of 3, 6 and 9 hour blocks.

“Louisa’s approach was natural, caring and genuine. There are very few people in the world like her. It was the first time in my life that I have GENUINELY felt listened to, heard and understood. She has felt like a best friend to me over the past few weeks and I have felt able to tell her anything. As part of our first session we had a short meditation to connect in with a pheasant who regularly visits my garden and I had the most magical, wonderful experience as she came closer to me, then I could feel her sat on my lap, my hands supporting but not holding her. I could feel the unconditional love between us both as she rested her head on my arm and closed her eyes. It felt like a little respite for her from constantly being alert.

After the call, I felt very calm, through Louisa’s work with me, what I’d wanted to achieve was to be closer to nature, and what we actually achieved together was this and so much more. She helped me to achieve peace and find unconditional trust again. She helped heal past wounds and lift the fog of dread. That was completely unexpected and incredibly welcome, euphoric, cathartic, special and centering. She nailed what I needed without me telling her, which I couldn’t have anyway as I didn’t know myself. I can’t quite get my head around what is happening as a result of this journey I’m on with Louisa, but it is magical and amazing and profoundly moving, and I can’t wait to see what happens on the rest of our time together on this path.”

Sarah B. ~ United Kingdom, 2020.