Wild Guidance

I show people how to connect with the animals, birds and plants around them through a series of ten one-to-one sessions where we explore somatic expression and learn the core routines for excellent intuitive connection with the wild, which will improve your empathy, sharpen your concentration, lower your mind-chatter and get in touch with all your senses in powerful and effective ways.

1. Being in Nature – you will explore what intuitive nature awareness is (and what it is not) and become inspired by the animals, birds and plants in your locale who will help you to re-connect. You may have doubts about being out in nature but we will explore some knowledge-busting myths and work on your own wilderness (and urban) challenges. You will also learn how to approach nature through some simple yet powerful exercises (including a device-detox and gratitude protocols), which you can go out and practice straight away.

2. Journalling Practice – creativity is a huge part of intuitive practice and even if you have never kept a journal before, you will learn how to successfully set up and maintain a creative journalling habit that will help you record your daily nature observations and spark off avenues in which to explore your practice further.

3. Connecting with Plants – take a deep dive into the vegetal world and learn how to nurture your intuition with plants and trees; receiving information from them about their medicinal and food properties.

4. Connecting with Birds – here we concentrate on and open up the mysteries of bird language, how it can help us read our environment in great detail and also give us information about how grounded and connected we really are with everything around us.

5. Connecting with Animals – we will explore how to get closer to mammals, fish, insects and invertebrates. We learn how to allow these animals to relax in our presence and eventually approach us without fear.

6. Inner Tracking – take a look at the world of inner tracking through the practise of various somatic techniques that will open you up to a world of heart-centred intelligence, peace and healing in a safe space with me.

7. Interspecies Communication – an introduction to the nuts and bolts of intuitive conversation, how to send and receive messages to and from animals, birds and plants and learn the ways we can interpret and assimilate these messages into our lives.

8. Synchronicity and Dreams – we will learn how being out in nature moves you into the natural flow of life and exposes you to all kinds of signs and omens, synchronicities and premonitions. We will also explore how to interpret the symbolic meanings of the animals who appear in your dreams, working intuitively from your journal entries.

9. The Animistic World – connect with the spirits residing in ‘inanimate’ objects around you (including rocks, rivers, rain, moon, sun, stars etc.) and learn how to interact with them during your day. I will show you how to use honour, reciprocity and gratitude to enhance your world and bring literally everything alive in your life.

10. The Greater Environment – finally, we will discuss how the work we have done together can be disseminated out into the world and how you can share the work you will be further inspired to do with your own community.

“Louisa’s approach was natural, caring and genuine. There are very few people in the world like her. It was the first time in my life that I have GENUINELY felt listened to, heard and understood. She has felt like a best friend to me over the past few weeks and I have felt able to tell her anything. As part of our first session we had a short meditation to connect in with a pheasant who regularly visits my garden and I had the most magical, wonderful experience as she came closer to me, then I could feel her sat on my lap, my hands supporting but not holding her. I could feel the unconditional love between us both as she rested her head on my arm and closed her eyes. It felt like a little respite for her from constantly being alert. After the call, I felt very calm, through Louisa’s work with me, what I’d wanted to achieve was to be closer to nature, and what we actually achieved together was this and so much more. She helped me to achieve peace and find unconditional trust again. She helped heal past wounds and lift the fog of dread. That was completely unexpected and incredibly welcome, euphoric, cathartic, special and centering. She nailed what I needed without me telling her, which I couldn’t have anyway as I didn’t know myself. I can’t quite get my head around what is happening as a result of this journey I’m on with Louisa, but it is magical and amazing and profoundly moving, and I can’t wait to see what happens on the rest of our time together on this path.”

Sarah B. ~ United Kingdom, 2020.

I charge £50 per hour of my time spent with you. Sessions usually last 60 minutes. Any time we have together after this will be charged on a pro-rata basis.

You may choose to take as many of the above ten sessions as you wish.

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