Wild Guides

We, as modern humans, living in the hi-tech, plasticised, ultra-connected, monetised, consumer-driven world that we do, find ourselves so divorced from nature that we often struggle to see life from other, often very different points of view. Be it another person, an animal, tree or river; seeing the world through the eyes of another can be a very challenging thing for those of us who live in the West. Yet, did you know that the world ‘out there’ is alive and responsive and is at every moment ready to connect with you? In fact, animals, birds and even plants are all waiting to have a conversation with you right now; waiting to dialogue with you at a level you may not have ever realised is possible.

Everything: humans, animals, birds, plants, insects, even single-celled organisms know that it is possible to communicate with another being without using words. Think of the mother who understands her baby, a child who converses with a kitten, a rider who flows effortlessly with his horse, a tree who shares its information with the fungus entwined in its roots, a bacterium which instructs its offspring how best to fight antibiotics or a DNA strand which imprints information upon its own genetic clone.

To some, this knowledge may feel rather strange but to an indigenous ‘scout’ or shaman, this would not sound far-fetched at all. They would tell you that our modern education systems, industrial-based living, rampant consumerism, rejection of the sacred and daily lives spent mainly in conversation with only other humans and machines has caused a separation from nature and along with this, a Grand Forgetting. We all had the capacity to have a conversation with other-than-human beings when we were younger because we lived fully immersed in a world of imagination, right-brain sensing and heart-centred connection but after the age of five, our education and social conditioning slowly closed down our natural ability, until most of us came to a place of complete forgetting. Yet still, there is a small, soft voice deep inside us that continues to believe it is possible.

Nature Deficit Disorder

Did you know that our modern pharmacopeia recognises over 100,000 different diseases today, yet indigenous medicine-people from all over the world, understand that there is only one disease and they describe it as: ‘A Disconnection from Nature and the Nature of our own Wild Selves’. Richard Louv in his ground-breaking book ‘Last Child in the Woods’ details it thus:

“Nature-deficit disorder describes the human costs of alienation from nature, among them: diminished use of the senses, attention difficulties, and higher rates of physical and emotional illnesses. The disorder can be detected in individuals, families, and communities. A widening circle of researchers believes that the loss of natural habitat, or the disconnection from nature even when it is available, has enormous implications for human health and child development. They say the quality of exposure to nature affects our health at an almost cellular level.”

What if you could live in a world where you were so deeply entwined with the natural environment that the animals living there accepted you as a part of their life?

What if you could encounter and experience these animals close up and personal so you could observe and interact with them as they carried on with their everyday lives?

What if you could start to intuitively understand their conversations and were able to receive messages from them directly?

What if you could re-discover your own childhood passions, creativity, joy and fun through this connection?

What would your world look like then?

Believe me, this world DOES exist; the fact is, we have succeeded in making it yet another facet of our Grand Forgetting. It is buried so deep inside our collective consciousnesses that we think this kind of thing only happens in fairytales. By connecting with the intelligence of our hearts, it is possible to start communicating intuitively with the animals, birds and plants we encounter in our environment in true Snow-White style. The result? Your life will begin to flow with greater ease, you will feel a deep bond to everything around you; not just in abstract terms but in a real, tangible and inspiring way and you will notice more synchronicities and meanings to all the encounters you will start to have on a regular basis out in your environment. Most importantly, you will also begin to heal from Nature Deficit Disorder, a malady that touches us all.

Interspecies Intuitive Communication

M.J. Barrett, PhD; Associate Professor at the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan describes Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC) as:

“a method of connecting and intuitively exchanging information with non-human animals using a highly complex set of intuitive skills. IIC occurs across many cultures and is growing in use in contemporary wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, veterinary care, and is often used for resolving human-animal conflicts in domestic contexts. While IIC can occur while in direct physical proximity to a non-human animal, it can also occur over great distances and does not require face-to-face encounters nor the visual, auditory, voice or other cues humans normally associate with interactive communication. Illustrations of IIC are reported across many fields and cultures, but it is currently under-researched.”

How does the transference of information work?

It involves being absolutely present in order to lower distractions (such as habitual thinking) to the minimum, which can be achieved through specific techniques to increase heart coherence, balance breathing and acknowledge and reduce emotional states. Telepathic ‘messages’ are just like radio waves being transmitted from a radio tower and our bodies have been exquisitely designed to tune into them just like a radio set. Even if our receivers are ‘turned off’ right at this moment, it doesn’t mean that the radio waves have stopped being broadcast from everything and everywhere around us. Quietening the mind-chatter and moving back into our bodies is the first step we must take in order to turn the radio receiver on again. Information from other-than-human beings may come in the form of feelings (or the felt-sense), words, images, smells, tastes, sounds, memories or knowingness and will arrive directly into the telepath’s body. Research into Extra-Sensory Perception has been ongoing since the 1880’s yet it still remains on the fringes of scientific inquiry, as mainstream science waits for its own paradigms to stretch far enough to encompass it.

When you are at last sitting under a tree having a detailed intuitive conversation with a robin perched only an arm’s-length away (with a running commentary coming from the tree itself), you will not only understand intuitive interspecies communication in a theoretical sense but you will intimately and intuitively feel the magic of the connection deep within your bones and your heart – this will be the un-mistakable moment that everything slides into alignment in your life. You will at last, fall into a true and unbreakable bond with all your wild guides and the immense intelligence and wisdom of the world; once experienced, never again to be forgotten. I also believe this will give you the inspiration and unshakeable belief to go out and make a stand for the sentience of all beings on this planet with great commitment and passion.

My hope is that one day soon, all people of the world will understand and utilise what I and many others know is a real and effective way of connecting with and understanding other-than-human beings, for the benefit of us all and the future of Planet Earth. I can help you understand this too.