Out of sheer curiosity you lie on the lawn 
those last autumn afternoons 
	crisscross flight		 
the wind trails tangent in bundles of taut floss 
snagging overhead power lines 
many others drift diffusely 
afternoon slow fuses those feather skeletons  
half a million silken timebombs orbit the globe 
	lying there together		 
you wonder how those arcs stitch the skies tight
tight stitch the skies together 
you wonder how those arcs lying there orbit the globe
 	silken timebombs		
half a million skeletons feather 
diffusely those afternoon fuses slow
many others drift overhead
power lines snagging bundles of taut floss 
	tangent in flight 		
the windtrails crisscross those last autumn afternoons
you lie on the lawn out of sheer curiosity.